Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #71 - Be of Good Cheer, no one is permanently assigned in Dagupan 6!

One of our investigators owns a bangka boat and let us take it to one of our appointments rather than take the long way by land haha:) They were amazed that I knew how to row the boat. (good thing I took some merit badge or something for that). 
This is me getting thronged by a billion Ilokano kids in my area. I did some magic tricks and they all lost their marbles!
These two girls are children of the Nanay that feeds us all the time:) I shared my twix candy with them and I was able to capture a good moment of laughable chocolate-face happiness haha
This little boy got in huge trouble with his dad because while his dad was sleeping he took his boat all the way down the river. We heard his dad yelling for him to come home so we walked along the river bank and talked him into going home. It was so funny the way he humbly admitted the only way a 7 year old can "yeah I should probably go home and say sorry to my dad". When he got back I got a good picture of him docking the boat.

This is called Tahong Adobo. It is basically oyster meat, cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, salt, sliced chili peppers, (sometimes pineapple and brown sugar). It is really really really tasty:)
Hey Family,

Well the coffee drinking 9 year old is making good progress haha. He has had some headaches but overall he is doing really good and staying strong.

Dont get me started about parenting here, I will just have to tell you when I get home.

We had ALL of our IBD's come to church. And FINALLY for the first time in my mission I will experience weekly baptisms starting march 12!!!! haha I am sooo excited to see these people go the distance and then even further:)

This week I received news that my 1st baptism Albert is preparing to go to the temple!!!!! And I also got permission from president Deyro to attend his endowment session and sealing to his wife in Manila! I cant even imagine how special that is going to be!!

The details are not quite set but I am anxiously awaiting that day:)

This week was Relentless Week again:) and it was full of miracles. We fasted for the Lord to pour his spirit out on our area and he did. We found 23 new investigators and extended 15 baptismal dates, and ALL accepted. Despite the difficulty of this area, the Lord is providing. We have a new island called Lomboy that is part of our area now. It is pretty far away, and we have to take a boat but the people their are so receptive! We met hundreds of people this week and taught at least half of them.

Last week I expressed some of my frustration to President Deryo about our struggles in this area. And his response was so cool and comforting. This is what he said:

"Elder Dahle,
Lest you forget, you are the Father of Relentless week.
So everything that happens to others is counted as your success.!!
Be of Good Cheer, no one is permanently assigned in Dagupan 6!"

Thats quite the relief that I wont be in this area forever.

Anyway, as for the acne (totally random topic), sister Deyro gave me something that seems to be working, but go ahead and send the pro active just in case:) Because the customs fees on the last package were about 5000 Pesos, and it all got subtracted from my support, I will have to withdraw about that much of personal so I can have money this week. I will probably do that right now when I am done emailing:)

Anyway. I have to go!!! I love you so much!! :)

Elder Dahle

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