Monday, August 31, 2015

Week # 44 - 10 Month Mark & a new Companion

Hey Mom,

Well I didnt transfer!!! What a relief. Sleeping well, eating well, all is in order with my health. My new companion is SO COOL. I know him really really well because he was in the other companionship in my branch in Mangaldan. I remember going on exchanges with him and thinking, "Wow, what a solid missionary I have a lot to learn from him; hopefully we are companions in the future" Haha and here we are. So here we both are in Sta. Maria. And to put the cherry on top guess what is name is? Ha yep Elder Sta. Maria. I know its hilarious. I requested that President send me to "Dahle, Philippines" next transfer but I dont think that exists haha. Anyway he is this little filipino I met when I was in mangaldan, he is from Zamboanga City Philippines and he speaks freaking Chavacano which is broken spanish (he is teaching me so I can talk to Dad because they are easily exchangeable; President Monahan did his first interview in spanish ha). Its dope man. haha When I say little I mean it. He is 5'2''. Looks about 14. And has this ity bity tiny little voice haha. But he is the hardest working companion I have had so far. We are working so hard. Anyway, I will write to the blog next week. Tan amor yo con ustedes.

Elder Dahle

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #41 Great news from my old area!


Wow. This week was SO GOOD. Haha, First off

I just received news from my BML in Mangaldan that

Marilyn's son is getting baptized along with 6 of my other previous investigators

According to my Magladan BML, Marilyn is expecting another child and she is going to name him/her after me (as in Dahle) hahah isnt that SO COOL

In other news Elder Atun and I are having a blast and are working hard. We have 3 BAPTISMS THIS WEEK!! Salvador, Ferdinand, and Aipie. Honestly these three investigators are the most converted people I have ever met. Ferdinand finished the Book of Mormon in 1 month. Salvador dropped smoking, drinking, and coffee cold turkey, all gone and thrown out in 1 day. And Aipie has been going to church as a special case investigator for more than 3 years now and has suffered persecution and even abuse from a family member for her dedication to the church.

These people are walking miracles. Some people think its the healing and the moving mountains that define the word "miracle". I disagree. Conversion is the miracle of this Gospel. The fact that people can change. I know that these people pass Alma's repentance questionnaire in Alma chapter 5 and can "sing the song of redeeming love"

The joy I feel from this comes from personal conversion. I too have felt my own change of heart and it grows to "god-ward" (2 corinthians 1-6) every single second I spend serving God and others. I love you all so much.

Elder Dahle

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week #40 3 Baptisms Set, Spider fighting & Another funny Drug Sign

Hey mom,

I was really happy to sit down at my email and see so many emails from friends and siblings. I dont feel so alone out here when I get a few sentences from everyone. 

Anyway, this week could have easily been one of the hardest weeks of my mission. We may have broken the mission record for the least investigator lessons in 1 week. only 5 lessons with a member present which isnt even half of our goal. I am SO sick of open area. Especially because it was sisters last transfer here so the priesthood holders are not used to the new responsibility they have to work with us (because there are really strict rules about who can work with Elders/ sisters as far as age and sex are concerned ).

However despite the struggles with the lessons we are seeing the fruits of our effort. We have 3 Baptisms on the 15th!!!!! They are all so great and one of them was someone that Elder Skinner taught here two years ago in his training! She was a special case but we FINALLY got her father to sign a consent form for her Baptism! She cried and cried she was so happy.

Being the only American in the apartment is actually awesome, and I am learning so much! Like how to catch spiders and make them fight haha! I will have to teach you all when I get back, but it is actually a huge past time here in the Philippines and very competitive haha.

check this out

Anyway, I love you all so much!! PS Marilyns daughter was Baptized!!!!

Elder Dahle