Monday, November 30, 2015

Week# 58 I love missionary work!!!

Hey Family,

Well this week I have been busier than any other week of my mission, preparing for next week which will be busier than this week. President randomly decided to come work with me and my companion yesterday and teach our investigators with us (cool right!?). We were teaching a new investigator named Donald, and (like all new investigators I find) we used the "restoration cup pyramid" tool that Mom sent me when I was being trained. It was really really powerful for Donald and he decided to make changes in his life to prepare him to be baptized on January 9th! President loved that teaching tool and asked me and my companion to do a demo-roleplay of it in the upcoming Missionary Leadership Council.

In other news, John Michael and Imelda DIDN'T COME TO CHURCH GAAHH.

As upsetting as that last sentence seemed, all is still well. We had another tough lesson with them to get them back on track. They will still be baptized on the 19th assuming they come next week. We will be praying that they do.

Also, about extending. I am not so sure. probably not, but maybe still. haha we will see.

Sorry this one was short, I had surprisingly had a LOT of people email me today. It was nice to hear from all of them. I love you all so much. I love missionary work, and I want you to be doing it all of the time:) Ethan I encourage you to go work with the Elders:) I love you all!!!!

Elder Dahle

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week # 57 Little Miracles come from the Lord's detours

Family and Friends,

Yes little Rhianna is adorable and like a smaller Sam. I very much enjoyed talking with her. Its strange I will never ever see that little girl again, she lives in Bulacan and they were just here to tag along with their Dad who is one of the people who has some job in preparing for the temple. Its weird how you say goodbye to your family and all those you love, then go on a mission and spend all two years meeting and loving new people and then also saying goodbye to them. Its hard.

In other news. John Michael and his mom are now progressing investigators, we really watched them catch a new sense of purpose in coming to church, not just because the missionaries said so, but because they want to keep the Sabbath day holy. They are going to be baptized on the 19th. Also, I have gotten word this week that 6 of the investigators Elder Baldove and I found were baptized and also 3 of my investigators in Sta. Maria are being baptized by Elder Sta. Maria. Many of the seeds that I planted are being harvested, and one of my old investigators is now saving to go on a mission. It feels so incredible to have been then Lords instrument to bring those people closer to him and going in the right direction.

Everyday Elder Raymundo and I see little miracles. They are always disguised as a bad timing problem, or a wrench in our schedule, but it always ends up taking us where we need to go. "Punted" is a common term used by missionaries, meaning that your appointment wasn't home. We as a district have decided to stop looking at it like a negative thing and just call it "detour" because we know that the Lord needs us to be somewhere else.

Speaking of district. This transfer there are two new Sisters in my district and the AP's are now in a different Zone. We have not yet had a district meeting because of a lot of other things to prepare for Relentless Week and for the Christmas Initiative that the church is launching on November 29. So I haven't given and workshop in a LONG TIME. Its kind of a relief. But I do miss it ha. Because of relentless week and the effort that everyone put into it, this month the missions effectiveness is THROUGH THE ROOF. We are all very anxious to get the Temple here and we are preparing Pangasinan as much as we can.

Music! In the next couple months I am going to be doing a TON of music. In three weeks or so a mission choir that I am in of about 8-10 missionaries will sing a capella on the radio and then again on TV later that week. The TV station is a really big deal and covers most of Northern Luzon (thats the name of the island we are on) and it will be seen by more than 7,000 people, so it should be pretty exciting. Elder Dromey and I will also be playing guitar and singing in Urdaneta City CB Mall Center in a few weeks and we are contacting and inviting news to that as well. I am kind of stressed about it all because we are so busy, but it should be really fun!

Anyway, I love you all so much. I miss you all and I hope everyone is happy. As thanksgiving comes around please dont forget to be extra grateful for all the blessings you have, and do everything you can to share it with others. You are all a blessing in my life and I am grateful to be able to be a part of your lives. Happy Thanksgiving!! See you all Next Thanksgiving! IF I DONT EXTEND! haha sorry Mom, suprise!... I am thinking about it. I will pray about it and keep you updated I am about 50/50 right now. (joey I know you said you will kill me if I did it. Its only 6 more weeks, still love ya bro:)

Elder Dahle

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #56 - Finally some answers to some fun questions!

Hi family!

I had a spectacular week this week haha. I MET THE ELDER ANDERSON AND RENLUND! haha Elder Ardern of the 70 still remembered me and I spoke with him a little bit. I took a picture of us and the apostles shaking hands so I dont know where you can get that. Maybe he has a facebook? his name is Ian Ardern. Also mom, there is a lady in are ward that is trying to find you on facebook because she wants to give you a bunch of goofy pictures of me I will try to get you her name. BY THE WAY haha I keep forgetting to mention it but I have been the pianist for sacrament meeting since I was in Sta. Maria. Sometimes if President Deyros daughter is there I dont have to because she is way better than me haha. I also play at the baptismal services. I only know the really simple hymns but I finally just buckled down and used some P-Days to get faster at reading both hands of music. So thats a new skill I have acquired while being here.

Watching the last batch go home was really tough because I have a very very very close friend in that batch named Preston Howell, maybe look him up. He and I were close when I was in Mangaldan. Its kinda strange that when we were together in mangaldan he was about 17 months out. Time FLIES.

Finally got some time to answer all these haha

1. When was the last time you laughed with your companion and why? What makes you laugh in your area? How do you stay light hearted?

Well, I laugh with my companion like every 10 minutes so its kind of hard to keep track. The Philippines is a place built for laughing. It is a 3rd world country where you sometimes see some 3rd world logic. Like all the old women here smoke their cigarettes with the lit end in their mouth. Why? Who knows haha. Also you see finny stuff written or said in English all over the place. for example, sometimes I get called names (joe, americano, kuripot (that means cheap skate) etc...) this use to bother me alot but now we just laugh it off haha. Especially all the little kids. All they know how to say in english is "what's your name" so when they see you they dont know you speak tagalog so they just repeatedly ask what my name is, and often they slur the words so it sounds like "wash your name" haha and we always ask "madumi ba?" which means "is it dirty?" haha

2. Are there any inside jokes in your mission? What is your current mission theme right now?

the theme is "relentless week" which is a new idea of mine that i presented to president and all the zone leader in MLC (mission leadership council) or otherwise known as the council of the jedi's. We did it last week and it was incredibly effective so we will do it again. Yes we do have inside jokes, but too many to count. And many of them dont make sense in English, I will have to explain them in a year haha.

3. What is your favorite smell in your area right now? Least favorite?

My favorite smell is either pandesal bake shops or a freshly opened coconut or maybe ripe mangos. Theres a LOT of good food here. My least favorite smell is either dirty little kids that want to shake your hand or hug you, or the Pelengke which is like the fresh produce and meat market in the middle of the city. It smells downright awful. Too many smells and once.

4. What are some of the local sayings and interesting things people say in your area?

sa diyos and awa, sa tao and gawa which means god does the mercy, the people do the work or act ha thats hard to translate. Also everyone has been saying Maligayang Pasko or happy christmas since september. Christmas starts in the "-ber" months here.

5. What do most people do for work in your area or is it pretty mixed?

they either work in the field. drive taxi trykes, sell some kind of food at the pelengke or they are door guards for fast food restaurants

Anyway, John Michael and Imelda came to church!! Seems like they have suddenly got a fire under them thanks to our prayers, they are set to be baptized on the 19th of Dec! All our other investigators are kindof struggling right now, we are doing our best to be patient with them. OH I FORGOT.

RELENTLESS WEEK WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!!!! We normally get around 350-400 New investigators a week. So far this week (and only 72/95 areas have reported) we have 788. So that was a huge success. All the other key indicator stats look like that as well. I am just absolutely amazed at the hard work of all the missionaries put into that. It is incredible.

Anyway I am out of time. There are people from the facilities managment office of the church here to inspect the office and the guy brought his 4 year old daughter. She has been distracting me all email asking me about my favorite princesses and telling me i look like flynn ryder and such. Its great. I took a video haha. I will show you when I get home haha

I love you all so much.

Elder Dahle

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #55 - Investigators SOOOO close and yet sooo far!

Hey Mom & Dad,

I am happy! The work goes well, President Deyro decided to go ahead and put my idea to the test this week starting today. So we had a meeting early in the morning today and so "Relentless Week" begins. I am very excited about it and I am carefully watching and analyzing the statistics to see the results. It is very exciting. I am getting to teach quite a bit, but we had a really discouraging experience yesterday. We have 2 investigators who were really really close to baptism; John Michael and his mom Imelda. They have been doing SPECTACULAR through all the lesson, they have been reading, praying, and coming to church, and all was going great. Then they passed their interview. All was great and they were set to be baptized this upcoming Saturday. BUT the following Sunday after their interview... they didn't come to church.... UHHGGGGG I just wanted to pull my hair out! They were SO CLOSE, but now we have to reset them and take them back another 4 weeks. And these next 4 weeks are going to be significantly harder; that's how it always is. The temptations for them will be stronger. The adversary will be more vicious in his attempt to halt their spiritual progress. Please pray for them. I feel very very close to these two individuals and I have had some very spiritual experiences with them while teaching, it would be hard for me if they cant keep their commitments. Anyway yes MANGALDAN IS NOW A STAKE! That is so great and I am very excited for them, my favorite BML Randy Delo Santos keeps me pretty updated on things happening there. I would do anything to die in that area (relax! "die" just means end my mission). The music has been tough to fit in to the grueling office schedule. We are working with President Deyro to find areas throughout the mission that need it so I can just go there and preform for them to help them get OYM's. I have preformed and a few church activities like FHE's and the homecoming of a local missionary. But for the most part I am taking a break because my responsibilities right now as Recorder and a District Leader have me swamped. I have even been dumb enough to add on to my work load by taking the lead on the Relentless Week program. When people have questions I get a text. And lets just say that I have been answering a lot of questions. Not to mention that being a DL means that I have to go interview the baptismal candidates of the missionaries in my district. This makes my schedule crazy but I LOVE INTERVIEWS. They are the most spiritual experiences. You really get to know who they are just in the short 6 interview worthiness questions. I have already faced some unexpected answers to some of the big ones. Those will have to be stories for after the mission.

Anyway, things there seem crazy. Sounds like everyone is really keeping busy. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT ETHAN DOING DRUM-LINE. Oh my goodness I miss drum line. Can you email me some of my old drum line pictures, particularly the drum break ones :). YES my companion has a great sense of humor, we get along really really well, he is going to be one of my favorites:). Speaking of favorites, having a car means that on P-Day I can go where ever the heck I want to shop and such and so we went to SM mall today and I had a sweet reunion with Elder Sta. Maria, I miss him tons. He has a pretty tough companion right now so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I also get to see my kid (Elder Baldove) all the time, right now he is actually companions with Elder Brown haha, strange how it all works out. President Deyro is so in tune with the spirit in receiving revelation. Honestly, I really loved president Monahan, but he was kinda hard to get close to and really get to know. I feel like President Deyro is one of my closest friend and a father figure while I am away from my Dad. He counsels with me often and gives me advice and asks advice from me and such. I hope to stay in contact with him long after my mission.

Anyway, in other news. THE TEMPLE IS NIGH. A few weeks ago the church architect came to the office and just took a bathroom break after arriving here to scan sites for the temple (The current site wont work because the ground used to be a rice field so the ground is really soft) and he just talked to us for a little bit. He is a church employee and had just arrived from salt lake. I assumed that his position was over the philippines area or asia or something like that. I asked him. Nope. He is in charge of the temples for the whole world haha. 

Anyway, I am doing so good and I am loving the mission and I am scared about how fast this next year is going to go. I am really going do my best to enjoy this last year of 100% dedicated service to the Lord. Mom and Dad. I know this church is true. I want you to know that. For real. I know. And it will always be the guiding light for my life. I love you so much.

Elder Dahle

PS Mom, please keep me VERY updated on your health.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #54 - 1 year down & a New Companion

Hey Mom and Dad,

Well this week was also brutal for the office staff. This transfer is a short transfer so it is only 4 weeks. Meaning we have WAY less time to prepare for the transfer (which has a to do list with more that 100 check boxes on it). A lot is happening this transfer,

Firstly! I have a new companion! His name is Elder Raymundo (his name means "king of the world" so thats what I call him) He is way cool. Its going to be pretty hard to part ways with Elder Ansuban, I am not sure I have had a companion from which I learned so much. BY THE WAY, I just found out that Derek's last companion was Elder Ansubans MTC companion haha, its a small world.

My To-Do-List only seems to get bigger everyday.

2 weeks ago we had interviews with President Deyro, and I took the opportunity to share with him an idea I have had for a while now, that will really help our mission achieve our potential; president Deyro really liked that. It has been through a lot of changes but this friday I will give a Workshop with one of the AP's in MLC to all the Zone Leaders to explain it, then the first week of next transfer we are going to do a test run. Hope it doesnt utterly fail, because I have put countless hours into tweaking it to make it work.

In other news. I received some really wonderful news from the Andersons (they are the Self- Relience Couple missionaries here). Albert Raras is my very first baptism in the mission. Shortly after baptizing him, they found out that his wife Diane was pregnant and amidst the joy they had with that news, he unfortunately had to move far away to Maynila to work so then they could support them, meaning that he could not attend church. For a long time they struggled and at times didnt even have clean water for her to drink. But then the Andersons found her. THey worked hard to help her get to better circumstances and even supplied her with a couple jugs of fresh water. The wonderful news is that Diane has now given birth to a little boy, she is an executive trainer of the SRC in Urdaneta Stake and she and Albert are really close to being on their feet to get Albert in a situation where he can come back and go to church.

This was incredible news to me, and I know they are working to get to the temple to be sealed.

I am now out of time and that is disappointing because I have more I want to share regarding that.

Anyway, I love you, I am safe healthy and having a blast.

Elder Dahle