Monday, February 8, 2016

Week #68 - Feeling Loved!

Mom, and Dad,

This week has been crazy. Wildest birthday of my life haha suprise after suprise.

Monday was a blast eating pizza and bowling with the AP's and office staff that I got so close with last transfer. Its so cool to see that bond exist well after the transfer.

Then on Tuesday I assumed it was all over, and that that was the end of my birthday celebrations haha. We went to district meeting and had a normal district meeting like any other Tuesday. But then after the meeting a bunch of missionaries from the other district burst in the room with a cake and pop singing happy birthday!!! They all signed and wrote little notes on a card for me that had pictures of us together haha. Then later that night we had exchanges and went to a dinner appointment in Dag 3's area (with Elder Sta. Maria again XD) and one of the nanays in their area baked me another cake!! haha. I really felt the love this birthday..

And YES the package arrived. I have already devoured one of the mac and cheese boxes and half of the candy haha. Thank you for all the funny cards and the socks and neck tie. You have no idea how much all that means to me.

Elder CaƱete is healthy now but is still having a tough time wanting to be a missionary. In fact things have gotten much worse. To be honest I am not sure how much longer he will last. Please pray for him to find motivation.

Anyway things are getting better and better here in the ward and we have investigators close to baptism in the next few weeks:)

I love you so much and I am forever grateful for the things you taught me through out my youth. I am sorry for how stubborn I must have been at times. I currently can feel how frustrating that must have been. I wont forget to start the record of my ministry like nephi's saying "having been born of goodly parents" :)

Love Elder Dahle

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