Monday, October 24, 2016

Week #103 - Last Letter Home - 2 years Summed up in 4 Words - Jesus is the Christ

Hello everyone,

I wanted to write just one last blog post before I went home.

I am actually not really sure who the audience of this blog is; how many people have really been keeping up and keeping track of my journey. But whoever you are I just want you to know that if you strip away all the cultural and social hooplah that comes with a foreign mission and look at the results of this two year epic; all that stands is a man (yet still young) who left home- just a boy. I bear to you my simple testimony of the undeniable truth of the Gospel that I have shared over the past two years. While I am aware of the vast and varied religious background of my audience I still extend to all of you an opportunity to open your hearts to wonderful possibilities offered in this Gospel and in His Church.

Joseph Smith is a prophet of God- no slandering or denying (and may I add no Broadway Musical) could shake the testimony I have of that man. The Book of Mormon is a true record of Holy Scripture translated (from an ancient Egyptian tongue) by a very young man only a little older than myself, holding on his shoulders no more than a 3rd Grade education.

The Plan of Salvation has been revealed by that book. Families are meant to be forever if we live worthy of that blessing, and words could not express how grateful I am that my family has been sealed in a Temple of God. I know that God loves us. He is there, he is listening. The worth of our souls is great; and it is great because of the price that was paid for it. The best blood that this universe has to offer was shed for you and for me. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is the Savior.

I bear this testimony humbly. I am an imperfect man. I struggle often and have to exert much effort just to do the simple commandments. But I can say that I am giving it all I have got.

If you are even the least bit curious about these truths and how I came to know them; I am only a message away on social media or text.

I love you all so much. Every last one of you. I am grateful for the prayers and the support. I could not have done this without you.

I am frankly terrified for life on the other side but that is okay haha. I can do scary things:)

I love you all.

Elder Dahle

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Typhoons Hitting the Philippines - An update from President Deyro

Dear Parents and Priesthood leaders of missionaries currently serving in Philippines Urdaneta Mission,

We have been monitoring the course of typhoons continuously until now just to make sure the safety of our missionaries. All our missionaries have prepared since then. They have 72-hour kits, disaster kits, 5 gallons of drinking water each as I have mentioned from my previous email. Some of them replenish their kits hastily right after the typhoon Karen passed. Their apartments were rechecked. Those who live where there is possible flooding are relocated in safer apartments. Their Mission Leaders have been checking on them every now and then especially during dawn where everyone is sleeping. Their Leaders will then report on me of their status or any possible problems.

The storm has passed. All our missionaries are safe and accounted for.

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.

Doing His work in His way and by His power,

Ernesto A. Deyro Jr.
Philippines Urdaneta Mission

How blessed I feel as a Mom knowing he is being so well taken care of and that they have thought of every little detail!  Such is the work of the Lord!!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week #102 - Now give it to me straight!!!

Parental unit,

YES! I am totally cool with staying in a room with Josh! In some ways I think it will be better.


This week has been WEIRD haha. This upcoming week will be even weirder because I have Career Workshop and Closing Testimony Meeting and all that. I will be traveling back and forth from Alaminos to Urdaneta a bunch of times so its going to be exhausting for sure.

I am going to be buying a souvenir for everyone this week so I will withdraw some more money than I usually do.


I spent more time marveled about that than I did trying to figure out that message ahaha.

anyway I love you all so much!:) I will see you soon!!

Elder Dahle

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week #101 - "The finish line is in sight, but I really want to earn it. I really want to cross it as spent and tired and exhausted as the Lord can make me."

Mom & Dad,

The package still has not arrived:( if it doesn't come before I leave I am just going to have them give it to Elder Cañete- is that okay?

By the way- You should contact Meghan Clark. That is my grandsons mom (sounds weird haha); you should just give her the low down on how the mission goes and try to answer some of her questions. Tell her that I have seen and worked with her son a lot and that he is dong GREAT, he is healthy, happy, and in good hands:) maybe do it a little discreetly haha;)

I am so excited to see the marching band shows! Sounds so great! I have actually heard Heartbeat before- Dylan Shomper and I were suggesting that show years ago haha.

Dinner- okay I dont even know what I want because that all sounds so good haha. I think we should just do Pizza:) you know how I feel about pizza haha. But also, after a couple days I want to cook a couple filipino dishes for the family:) I hope all the ingredients can be found ha.

Anyway, this is my favorite one liner from conference!!!


I loved conference so much, it felt like each of the speaker was speaking individually to me and helping me get ready for life after my mission.

I have really been dedicating these last days in the mission to trying to find and talk to as many people as we can. I am trying to just keep a sense of urgency and be conscience of my remaining time (or lack thereof). I felt a boost of energy come to me as I turned my calender to October and saw the picture of home. The finish line is in sight, but I really want to earn it. I really want to cross it as spent and tired and exhausted as the Lord can make me.

I love you!!!

Elder Dahle

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week #100 - An earthquake & some heartbreak

Hey mom and dad,

No package yet:( I might get it this friday if it is in the office.

I am really sorry this is going to be a short one,

This week was hard. I just felt this huge mountain of exhaustion and laziness fall on me haha. I did not give in, but I can really feel myself getting worn out.

Odd thing, last night 5.7 earthquake hit just off the cost of Bolinao. We didnt get hurt or anything and nothing got destroyed but it freaked me out because it woke me up at 3 am haha. It only lasted like 10 seconds.

Romeo may not get baptised anytime soon. I will tell you why in 3 weeks. He is pretty discouraged please pray for him.

I cant send any pictures today because this computer shop will not take my usb, so I will get them to you next week:)

I am so excited to see you:) I am so excited to hangout with everyone and share the basement with Grandad and even do Family History work and other stuff that I just dont get to do as a missionary haha. I have been praying and fasting heavily to know what I want to eat for dinner when I first get back, can you send me some options so its easier to choose? haha


Elder Dahle

Monday, September 26, 2016

Week #99 - THIS IS HAPPENING ALL TOO FAST!! 30 Days left!!

Mom and Dad,

Oh my goodness this is happening too fast!!!

I can barely keep up with the days, it seems like I wake up, go to work for 15 min then its dark and bed time. And the next 30 days are just jam packed with stuff. I hope that I can really maintain my energy for the next 30 days.

I am not going to be able to write that much because the internet in this shop is terrible haha.

I think my package is in the mission home and I will probably get it tomorrow when the supply manager comes.

Elder Orallo is from Cebu (yeah like the one in the song) haha. He is great and we are having lots of fun:)

We had interviews with President, he had some advice for me concerning marriage that I was not expecting and I am pretty freaked out about, we will talk about it in 30 days haha.

We talked to about 200 people on the street this week, some of them are really cool, but its kinda sad that I am at the point that anyone I find from here out will be baptized after I leave :( But thats not stopping me haha:)

I love you mom, have a good week!

Elder Dahle

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #98 - A Baptism AND a Grandson in the Making!

Mom and Dad,

Hahaha that is so funny! What a weird way to fix that problem! Leave it to John Alvarez to be so resourceful! (Steve slightly resembles Big Foot with that beard haha. (His response to seeing pictures of the marching band field/football field being shop-vac'd and mopped for a marching band competition!)

ARCHIE PASSED HIS INTERVIEW!!! He will be baptized this saturday:) Then next is Romeo on the 1st of October!

Elder Sabiano transferred, which made me sad. But my new companion is Elder Orallo and he is almost a carbon copy of Elder Eter haha. I am really enjoying being companions with Elder Orallo, he is a kind, humble, HARD WORKING missionary. I am grateful that I get the chance to learn so much from him.

The miracles are not stopping. Romeo is on day 19, no smoking. We also have a new investigator who is overcoming addictions as well. We are using the 12 steps to change program to help him work through it all. It is amazing to see him grow and work through it. It is emotional and hard sometimes but he is making huge changes little by little.

In other news, I HAVE A GRANDSON! Elder Cañete is training in this zone! His name is Elder Clark from Midway Utah! He is great. Its kinda weird; I can see myself when I was a new missionary in him. We are having fun helping him get all adjusted to the culture and language and all that, he is doing really well for being so new. He graduated in 2016 hahah what the heck that is so weird.

Anyway:) I love you and I am so excited to see you:)

Elder Dahle

PS- I have not received the package yet:/ I will let you know when it comes:)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week #97 Miracles & 116 OYMs!

Mom & Dad!

Thank you for taking care of all the college stuff:)

I think I want to do the Pathways program to get my generals out of the way and because I can do that at the same time that I am at the Recording School.

Officially I have decided that a bachelors degree in Commercial Music is the way to go. It has everything I want. I was also trying to think of a minor. Maybe something in Film Production or Graphic and Commercial Arts.

This week was amazing! We talked to hundreds of new people and found a ton of new investigators.
Our area as well has been the setting for a thousand or more miracles that we were privileged to witness. Romeo is now on day 12 without a cigarette. He said that the scent of tobacco was nearly repulsive to him when offered a cigarette by his friends and he frankly refused it. Think about the conversion of the people after they heard King Benjamin's discourse, when they had "no more disposition to do evil".

We didnt get to teach Prince this week. I am worried that he is facing some persecution, but I know he is strong and can over come it. Archie's baptismal interview is this week. He will be baptized on the 24th and then Romeo on Oct. 1:) I am so proud of them.

I can really really feel myself getting tired, but I am trying to stay diligent and work as hard as possible. I am officially on my last transfer. Its so wild. I am now the oldest in the mission. No one else has been here for as long as me. But even though I am really close I am staying super focused. We dont waste a second. We study for 3 hours, plan for 2, and work for 9 hours a day. Like I said before. I want the end of my mission to be my peak. I am NOT on the downhill slope. I am just climbing the last few ridges. I am still trying to use time wisely and spend every second in front of someone in a lesson. This week we had 116 OYM's, so that was pretty solid, we are going for 200 next week.

I love you so much:) It is so exciting to hear about the plans for BOA and all the other fun stuff we are going to do:) Keep me updated!

Elder Dahle

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week #96 - Prince, Romeo and a Plan for the Future!

Mom & Dad,

I am sorry mom I dont think I am going to be able to get the BYU info in:/ My notes got kinda lost in the transfer:( and we are just so dang busy.

Its okay though. As far as I can decide so far I think this is the plan.

I am going to get a job in the first week of November. I take the ACT in December 10. Then go to the Chillicothe Recording Workshop in January. Then if there are some kind of summer classes available on the pathways online program I will do that, then fall of 2017 I will go to Idaho or Provo. I wish that somehow I could squeeze in a semester at Sinclair or Edison in there so I could get my schooling done to be a paramedic to pay for school, but I may need to find other options because I will be gone for the whole month of January and part of February, so I cant really go to school for the 2016-17 school year anywhere. Is there a way I can just get on BYU's website and do the registration myself? I can probably get away with asking permission from President to do that this week, because I know he allows missionaries to do that. I will try it and let you know. Hopefully you can respond and send me a link to the site so then its not to hard for me to find. Uhg this is kinda freaking me out planning for all this stuff haha.

Anyway here is the update on the week:)

Elder Sabiano and I are experiencing tons of miracles. It feels like the Spirit has been poured out on our area. I think it is because Elder Sabiano and I are really unified in our companionship. He is a spectacular missionary and I am glad to have the opportunity to work with him.

Tatay Romeo has now gone 6 days without smoking. We fasted for him yesterday and last week we bought him 200 snow bears haha.

We have a new investigator named Prince. He is VERY interested in Joseph Smith and said he felt something powerful and different when we taught him.

Once again the church service on Sunday was so spiritual, and the investigators all have really good fellow shippers and friends. Looks like we am going to be blessed with at least 4 baptisms in my last transfer:)

I love you!!! Stay Happy! Have fun!!!

Elder Dahle

PS can you get some info about my homecoming talk? Am I going to be given a topic? how many minutes do I have to speak? The earlier I can prepare the better.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Week #95 - Last transfer & Last Companion!

Mom & Dad,

Glad to hear that our family is so happy and doing so well:) I am so excited to see you all! Here is an update on the week

Monday, Fun P-Day, we spent most of the day cleaning our apartment and getting ready to move apartments on tuesday ha:) taught a little girl named Bridgette, she will be baptised on September 10:)

Tuesday. Spent the WHOLE DAY packing, cleaning, loading, unpacking, unloading, cleaning some more and organising all our furniture into our new apartment. When we were finally done and I had unpacked all my stuff and it was all set out on my desk and all my clothes were hung up all nice in the closet, my body was sore, I was tired and laid down to finally get some rest at about 10:00 pm. Then the phone rang...

It was the Assistants to the President...


Haha I was so mad! I had to spend the next three hours until 1:00 am packing everything up again to get picked up at 7:00am. I only got to stay in the new apartment for a night, and it was a short one at that.

My new area is ALAMINOS! My new companion is Elder Sabiano (which literally means Elder "SAY WHAT?!" in tagalog. Im for real. Search in Google translate "sabi ano". He was the AP while I was in the office and is probably the most diligent missionaries in the whole mission.

He is my batch so we go home on the same day! Not sure what president was thinking there. The AP's said that this area just really needed two weathered experienced Zone Leaders to bring it back to life and I cannot think of a better way to finish my mission. This is officially my last area and my last companion and it is such a great way to finish off strong. We are already seeing so many miracles. Here are a few.

Tatay Romeo went from 18 cigarettes a day to only 1 or 2 and he is in Helaman in the Book of Mormon after only 2 weeks of teaching.

Sister Lyn was invited to drink alcohol with some friends but instead of giving in, she said no and explained to her friends her new endeavour to be a better follower of Jesus Christ; this had an impact on her friends and they support her.

I met a member who prays for the whole quorum of the Twelve by name every single night and also prays for the missionaries in the ward by name. She made and effort to know my name and pray for me the night I arrive and I hadnt even met her yet.

Alaminos is really great. I was impressed on Sunday with how spiritual their church services are. Sacrament was incredibly reverent, in class everyone read a previously assigned scripture passage, everyone participated, the teacher asked inspired questions and involved everyone. I love it here:)

I love you so much! I hope you are all happy and doing well:) See you in a couple months!!!!!

Elder Dahle

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #94 - SIXTY-FIVE DAYS LEFT . . . and probably ALL WET ONES!

Hey Mom & Dad,

Sorry this one is going to be short, I wrote a huge one to Joey and I had to write a lot to President too. Ill send pictures

Here are the answers to questions.

1). I am trying but I just cant seem to find time to get them done. I will try to have it by next week.

2). I cant think of anything specific but there are things I want you to fill the fridge with haha. here are some of them- pizza rolls and bagel bites, and Whole Milk.

Okay here is the short update on the week. Our area was flooded for the whole week and we couldnt get out of our apartment for two days, we got creative and tried to tape plastic around our boots so the water didnt get in.

We gave a workshop on praying with faith at zone conference, it was great haha I guess Ill just show you the notes in 65 days.

We went to the beach early in the morning on exchanges, it was pretty cool haha:)


Elder Dahle

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #93 - Dedicated investigators who came to church in a Monsoon!!!

Mom & Dad,

THAT IS SOOOO COOL! You should find out what her maiden name is so then I can find her ka-maganak and teach them haha.

The flooding here is so bad right now. We got rained on every day this week. Literally I have not seen the sun all week. Not even once.

Also I do not have any dry clothing haha. I hand-washed my clothes on Thursday and hung them out on the clothes line and they just keep getting rained on. The forecast says we should get some sun later today so maybe I can get some dry clothing finally:)

Anyway. This week we found so many new investigators. We were given a referral from a bishop in another ward in Dagupan. It is a whole family!! They are all listening to the discussions and all came to church yesterday despite the monsoon rains. They have committed to be baptized on September 10! They are so elect:) (Sanchez is their Family name)

Also we are teaching another family, the Sison Family. The husband of this family is so elect and ready, but his wife really doesnt want to let go of Catholicism, so we have some work left to do to help her, but I believe that she is close. Brother Sison came to church yesterday:)

The recent converts are doing great! Both Patty and Lester are attending institute and both might go on a mission. Edgar's school schedule makes institute difficult but last week he finished the book of mormon and started again and is in 1 Nephi 14. He bore such a strong testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon.


Elder Dahle

Monday, August 8, 2016


Hey Mom & Dad,

Yes go ahead and schedule the ACT for December 10.

ITS OFFICIAL! I got my flight plans. I go from Manila to Detroit, then to Dayton and I land at 4:45pm on October 26th:). I am so excited to see you:)

This week was so good:) Virgie got baptized!! Heres the picture 

She gave the funniest, shortest testimony ever after her baptism she just got up and said "well this is pretty much an accident that I met the Elders and got baptized, but I have a really warm feeling right now so I guess its good.... in the name of Jesus Christ Amen" hahaha. She has overcome so much, and she is excited to move on to the next steps towards salvation.

Albert and Diana will be sealed sometime in November because the temple is closed until November:) I wont be able to make it but I am really happy and excited for them.

Sorry I didnt write this much this week:( I will write more next week. 

I love you:)

Elder Dahle

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week #91 - A New Companion & Blessed with lots of teaching opportunities!

Dear Family,

Well, Elder DaBell is gone and on to his next adventure. I am grateful for being able to be companions with him for so long because I really learned a lot. I am actually in Dagupan 2, I have been here for 5 months now going on 6:) I am staying here in Dagupan 2 for one more transfer then I will probably transfer for my last cycle. My new companion is Elder Blasabas! He is way cool, he is from the same place that Manny Pacquiao (that famous Filipino Boxer) is from haha.

We have a baptism this Saturday!!! And should have another one in two weeks:). She is this little old woman named Virginia- her faith is so strong and she is fighting the challenges and persecution so well. Her family has pretty much abandoned her and they force her to sleep on a wooden board on the bottom floor of their home. They refuse to give her money so she can take a taxi tryke to church every sunday, so on days that no members can take her; she just walks like a mile and a half to church. She has had a rough past and has encountered missionaries before and been taught, but she is really ready this time:) Ill send pictures next week.

The Lord is really rewarding us for our efforts now and giving us lots of success. Thats not to say that the trials and challenges of the work have been taken away, but we are being inspired and helped to know how to overcome them.

Our investigator Fred is experiencing lots of persecution in his family but we are helping him through it. Satan is working hard in our area. But thats okay because so are we:)

Elder Baldove is doing better... I think. It seems like hes happy but it also seems like he is kind of apathetic and doesnt care what happens to him. Please continue to pray for him.

I am happy and working hard. I am however honestly getting a little apprehensive about going home and a little stressed about the future. I know as long as I follow the spirit with faith I have no reason to worry, but its still kind of nerve wracking, especially watching DaBell go home and seeing how hard that was. Its been an emotional couple weeks. But I still have time left here in the Vineyard:) Not nearly enough, but I still have time.

I love you:)

Elder Dahle

P.S. So maybe to clear things up about the transfer this is what I can tell you. I have exactly 12 weeks left today. On October 25th I go to the mission home. The 25th I go to Manila. The 26th I should be home. :) Not sure about flight plans or time yet so just hang in there:)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week #89 - 3 Baptisms!!!

Hey Mom & Dad,

The baptism was soooooo great!!!!! All three of them bore their testimonies with strength, conviction and faith. Especially Lester. All three were so ready. So now we are back to finding again. Elder DaBell officially only has like 21 days in the field so we are going to just go crazy trying to find as many people as possible in his "last minutes" of mission life. Its really scary to see how nerve wracking it is to be so close. I can tell its going to be tough on him to finish.

This week we are going to be really trying to make the transition to that new end of our area, because they left a lot of investigators over there for us to teach. Like you said; the Lord would not have added that responsibility onto our current capacity if he wasnt going to make a way for it to be possible. We just have to find his direction.

Pretty Tie- I really would like a new paisley tie because all of my old ones got wrecked haha

HAVE FUN ON YOUR CRUISE!! I love you so much!!!!

Your son
Elder Dahle

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week #88 - EEKS! A much bigger area to cover!!! Addition of Dagupan 2!

Yay Samantha! I am so proud of you! Josh and Ethan, keep having fun with all the camps and dont get into too much trouble:)

Package addition: you should also throw a long sleeve dress shirt in there; mine got ruined (That is an "after-mission" story) haha.


However there were some weird unexpected things that just happened last week.

First. Elder Cañete and his companion were needed elsewhere and got pulled out of Dagupan 2....and no one replaced them. So their area and all their investigators are ours. Our area nearly tripled in size as if it wasnt big enough, it is the western half of the whole city of Dagupan! We have like more than 8,000 people in our stewardship!

Lester and Edgar and Patty all passed their interviews and will be baptized this Saturday:) It is so sweet to see their conversion and how much they have overcome and sacrificed to show their love for the Savior and their commitment to him.

We had interviews with President this past Thursday and like last time he and his wife took us to a late lunch and that was really fun. They took some pictures of us at the restaurant and sent them to dad so hopefully you got that haha.

Anyway, thank you so much for answering my questions even though some of them are goofy:) Both you and Dad's answers were very insightful!

Sorry I cant write that much this week, just know that I love you so much and know that the Lord loves you very much!:)

Elder Dahle

Monday, June 27, 2016

Week #87 - A humbling week with a little old lady and a homeless man.

Mom and Dad,

NO I DIDNT TRANSFER!!!:):) Niether did Elder DaBell, so I will be his last companion and send him home in 5 weeks.

Sounds like summer is in full swing there haha. I am soooooooo excited for cold weather again, I feel like I lose 5 pounds a day just because I sweat so much, it takes a toll on my shirts too haha, but dont send me more, I will survive.

Okay thats what we will do first- shopping list, and school stuff

>>>Things needed for last package
-a really pretty necktie
-pop tarts
-letters from my family
-deodorant (old spice but not the dry anti-perspiration stuff)
-go out and find the most hard-core face wash that man has ever made
-ziploc bags (typhoon season is nigh).

>>>Questions about school and other stuff
1). Does the Chilicothe provide or give some kind of student discount on recording equipment (other than the classroom gear that I know they have).

2). What is the pay and hour scheduling like for a Paramedic EMT?

3). Ask John if Batteries Plus is hiring.

4). This is a question that is going to make you laugh so hard, but I am obliged to ask due to counsel received by a mission leader. I want a seperate answer for both of you so Ill just make it two questions.

Dad, what was it about Mom that made you decide to marry her?

Mom, what was it about Dad that made you decide to marry him?

Okay now on to my real letter haha:)

This week was really humbling. We are teaching this old lady named Virgie. She really wants to be baptized and she says that "she feels something special and different when we teach her" But her children dont support her. In fact they dont seem to care about her at all. They all live in her house with their spouses and children (multi-generational houses are really typical here) and they sleep in the nice rooms with and all that. But she sleeps on a wooden board on the floor on the bottom floor. The compassion and sympathy I have for her is unlike any I have ever felt before, but it feels almost like we can do nothing. Hopefully her family gets their crap together soon.

I also taught a homeless man under a bridge. Needless to say that was humbling. But he is a sweet guy who has made some bad choices and is just now making his way back to earth. He came to church on Sunday and cried during the lesson about Christ's Atonement.

Lester couldnt make it to church, but it was because of a family problem so we will keep his baptismal date where it is. Edgar made it and he finished Alma and is now half-way through Helaman:) He is SO ready!

Anyway, in other news, my first kid Elder Baldove is a DL now and he is having so much success in his area (which is actually the area right next to Sta. Maria). I think they baptized every week last transfer. Elder Cañete is doing really really well and he has grown a lot, we are very close friends and the gap that we had before is gone:)

Anyway I love you all so much:) Kaya ninyo iyan!!!

Elder Dahle

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week #86 - The week of the Trunky Letter!

Mom and Dad,

Well, I still dont know if I am transferring and the suspense is absolutely killing me. I am honestly going to be really upset if I do get transferred. But of course it is not up to me. We will know by next P-Day and I will let you know.
In other news.....


Not sure if you know what that means, but it is basically a fill in the blank form about all my travel information haha. NO, I am not trunky; just a little excited haha:)

Elder Tanner and I are the only Americans left in our batch, so its just going to be the two of us on the plane. There is also a chance that he and I could be companions if I transfer. I would be really okay with that cuz we would just finish off the mission together haha, and also because he is a ZL in Mangaldan right now, so I would get to go back there :)

Anyway, this week was soooooo exhausting! Ha we just went crazy trying to cram as many teaching appointments into our schedule. However we also had a lot of ZL responsibilities to take care of, so that ate up a lot of our time. On thursday, we helped the Dagupan 5 sisters move apartments. The office elders couldnt help so we just hired the biggest jeepney we could find and stuffed it full. We still had to take about 5 trips, but it was fun riding on the back like the jeep conductors do. Its actually so funny the way their job works. They stand on the back of the jeep and yell the destination of the jeep as loud and as fast as possible, so it is often hardly recognizable. For example when the jeep is going to Dagupan they just scream " DOOPAN DOOPAN DOOPAN!!" haha

Anyway, Lester came again!! And he is going to be baptized with our other investigator Edgar on July 9. Edgar was a former investigator who got dropped by previous missionaries because he was special case and wasnt ready yet. But now he has read from the introduction page of the Book of Mormon till Alma 57!!!!

Anyway, I am just loving missionary work right now and I am having so much fun. It is NEVER easy, but when we rely on the Lord he makes our sacrifice enough. I have recently been studying the Atonement in more depth and really was taught by the spirit while doing so. I wish I could spend another hour here just telling you about all that I learned, but I will just have to save it:) I love you all so very much:)

Elder Dahle

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week #85 - Short but Sweet!

Hello Mom,

Well this week was just wonderful!

Yes! I got out to work everyday this week:) and we worked our tails off. One of the things we really focused on was inviting investigators to attend church this Sunday, and the Lord blessed us with success in that endeavor.


Even Lester came!!! Which was a huge surprise. After the service he text and said that he wanted me to baptize him on the 9th of July and he was ready to do all he needed to become ready for that. The other investigators that came were really excited and had a really good experience at church:) looks like many of them are really serious about baptism.

I am just praying that the Lord will let me stay here! Transfer week starts next monday, so I guess we will see. I just really want to stay somewhere longer than 2 transfers ha, however seeing that I only have 3 transfers after this week; I am running out of time for that to happen. Regardless I am ready to submit my will to His.

Anyway, I have a bad headache right now and this screen isnt making it much better so I am going to go take some ibuprofen too and take a 30 minute P-Day nap haha. I love you!!!

Elder Dahle

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week #84 - Trapped watching a companion with Chicken Pox and Planning for the future!

Mom and Dad,

That is so exciting about Ethan!!! He is going to have to much fun and learn so much on the mission, I know I have :). I totally miss picking strawberries and helping at the festival:( sounds like its keeping you plenty busy haha.

I honestly have soooooo little to tell you this week :(

Because I spent the WHOLE week trapped in the apartment; Elder Cañete has chicken pox (or as Filipinos say in their accent "Chicken Fox"; kills me everytime). And because I am the only one in the apartment who has had it before, I have to stay home with him.

SOOOO heres what I did get to do.

I presented the new Relentless thingy at MLC, President really liked it so they are going to print it off and add it to our Mission Vision of Excellence cards:)

But other than that I didnt leave the apartment.

Lester didnt come to church, so we are just going to drop him. It seems to me like he is just playing games and it is darn frustrating.

We did have two new investigators come to church and we have a scheduled to teach them this week so i am way excited about that, Elder DaBell tells me that they are way elect:)

So basically I just stayed at home all week and studied, cleaned, slept, thought myself into oblivion, and thats about it haha. Sorry there isnt much else for me to say.

But because I did have plenty of time to think, I have some questions to ask haha.

1) when does the Recording Workshop School in Chillicothe begin and how much does it cost.

2) How long would it take me at sinclair to get a certificate to be an EMT? and how much does that cost and also is the pay of that job even worth it? Can I get a lot of hours working there?

3) Is there institute available where we live?

4) Does BYU Idaho still not offer any Music Production classes or anything like that?

5) When can I take the ACT review class and the Test.

Ha okay thanks. I am getting closer to answering those question you sent for application at BYU:)

I love you so much! Have a good week!
Elder Dahle

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mission Leadership Council

The Urdaneta mission leadership council gathered together to discuss on how to be more "Relentless Every Day". Since January 2016 till now the Urdaneta mission leadership council are gathered every month to counsel each other on how can the mission be strengthened. This time we reviewed all the initiatives and ideas that we came up with from the past MLC's and ways we can improve it.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week #83 - Just keep swimming, just keep swimming . . . in missionary terms - Have faith!

Hey Mom & Dad,

Sounds like New Orleans is a pretty rough place haha. We also see a lot of that kind of behavior here, and it is pretty hard to see. I am glad you ate a bunch of seafood Mom:) thats pretty much all my diet here.

Anyway. Well. Lester did not come to church. We are going to his house again tomorrow and we may just have to drop him. And that sucks:( but we dont have much of a choice. He has to use his agency and we have to allow him to choose. There are a whole lot of things holding him back, but I think the biggest one is what I said last time; he just wants to feed his brain, not his spirit. And that has lead him to search in places that wont give him the correct answers. We are going to have him try and come to the baptismal service of the other missionaries in our ward and pray that he feels the spirit there.

We did not get to teach Lawrence this week. He wasn't home at all so we are not really sure what is going on there. We will keep on trying this week.

We have a TON of new investigators right now.

One of them is a teacher at a nearby elementary school so we call her Madam Nelly.

She recieved the Restoration and the Book of Mormon so readily and passionately. She did not accept the Baptismal Date on the first lesson, but we re-extended the next time; and because she read the Book of Mormon and noticed that she felt 'light' and 'happy' while we were teaching, she took the date and promised to prepare. BUT she didnt come to church. So we will go back tomorrow and see why not ha. They usually dont come the 1st time so I am not too worried, but I hope that she still has that fire and passion for what we are teaching here

Anyway, the zone is doing way good right now:) Elder DaBell and I are having a blast too.

Thats All I have this week! LOVE YOU!!!

Elder Dahle


Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #82 - "We do not come here to earth to find our worth, we bring it with us"

Magandang tanghali!!!

This week was crazy fun. Because it is transfer week. NO I did not transfer and I am still holding on to the hope that I wont until I go home; it is my last and only chance to stay in an area for more than 3 months. But I guess we will just have to see haha. Anyway, because it is transfer week and Elder Eter's companion finished his mission, we spent most of the week in a triplet. This meant that I got to go back and visit ward 6! It was so nice to see all the members again and catch up with them, although it seems that not much has changed there.

Well, on another note; the sisters in my batch just got home this week. It is almost terrifying how fast this is coming. I have less than 5 and a half months. GAH. And my companion has only half that left. Nevertheless, we are not getting the least bit lazy or slacking. Im pretty proud of my companion, regardless of how close he is, he is just diligently pushing through as if he just got here.

Anyway, I will try to slowly answer those questions about college, you can expect it in a couple months, maybe I will have it done by late june or early july. Do those also work for Provo? And also what about that recording school that Ryan did? Can you get me some info on that? Anyway enough of that, it seems all too unreal right now.

OK, investigators.

Well Lester really really hit a bit of a road block. He got in a huge fight with the person from another ward who referred him to the church. You could imagine how that may be a problem. He seems to be struggling with his testimony because he wants to feed his mind, not his heart. He wants to just know it all, but thats not how the gospel works. You feel it. Anyway, I still believe that he will be baptised, but he just needs to keep on praying and having spiritual experiences. I really love this investigator a lot and it would be tough for me to see him not accept the message. Keep praying for him.

Anyway, we have a lot of others, but those are the focus right now. The Lord is really giving them all the evidence he can that he is there, they just have to soften their hearts and see it.

In closing I will share something that Elder DaBell shared with me that Dad said in his email that I felt was really profound.

"We do not come here to earth to find our worth, we bring it with us"

I love you all!:)

Elder Dahle

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mission Leadership Council

As a Zone Leader, Alex go to attend the Mission Leadership Council Meeting. Follows are picture and a brief synopsis of what all they covered:

"The Mission Leaders gathered again for their Mission Leadership Council at the Mission Home on May 13th, 2016. This MLC was held right after the transfers and so many new Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders got a chance to counsel together and to learn from each other. Assistants - New Mission Vision of Excellence, 3 months Baptism Plans, UM Initiative:H.O.P.E and Nine “Indicators of Conversion and Church Growth". Our Assistants shared with the Council various ideas and strategies to raise our Mission to greater heights with an introduction to our revised Mission Vision! We are now R.E.D: RELENTLESS EVERY DAY!"

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week #80 - Words of Wisdom for the Mom & Dad (and brothers)

Mom & Dad,

Haha sounds like the little brothers dont know how to learn from the big brother. Some lessons just dont enter the brain until we are humble enough to hear them, you just have to nourish them into that humility. Unfortunately often times humility comes from failure, loss, and trials. Dont try to stop those things from happening too much in their lives or they wont get it till later when the stakes are higher. Thats how God humbled the people in Alma 32 (see verse 6). And thats a lesson I learned from President Monahan. He told me-

"Elder Dahle, your spiritual growth is on the Lords time-table. You cant rush it. But you can prepare yourself for the time-line events that he has already placed in your future through obedience and scripture study. That is what makes or breaks us"

Get them into habits of regular scripture study. You may have to be creative to make it happen, and I will help when I get home. But that is the most valuable tool they can have to succeed... But on the other hand they may just have to learn like me haha.

Anyway, this week was AMAZING! No one was sick! I have a slight cold because rainy season started but thats all!

Okay here is some cool news. This Wednesday we have a Zone Conference with Elder Bowen of the Seventy (he gave a talk a few GC ago). Elder Ian Ardern (the one who interviewed me) has been called somewhere else in the Quorum of the 70, and Elder Bowen is the new President of the Philippines Area. So we will get to see him this week. Heres the cool part; Elder DaBell and I have been asked to sing a special musical number at the conference haha. YIKES!!! We have had only 2 practices, but we are just going to have to hope thats enough because that is all the time we have. Please please pray for us haha.  We are singing "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" just the normal arrangement out of the hymn book in the key of F#. We will sing the 1st verse in parts (he will sing the melody and I will sing tenor). Then we will sing the 6th verse; I will sing the 1st half and he will sing the second. Then we will sing the 7th verse in parts A Capella. Needless to say; I am pretty nervous about it. But I know that even if we suck Elder Bowen will still smile so its okay.

Anyway. LESTER CAME TO CHURCH!!! And he brought his cousin. He wears a white shirt and dress pants and a neck tie so at first the members forgot to fellowship him because they thought he was a member haha. But we went and got a couple young men to hang out with him and his cousin so they didn't feel unwelcome. And tonight we are going to their house to teach them how to do Family Home Evening haha. (Just to let you know now. My companion wants to be nice and buy pizza and bring it to the FHE. I am down because you know how much I love pizza. However. Pizza is a delicacy here. Meaning it is not as cheap in comparison to other food. It is cheaper than it is in the US. But here it is quite pricey. I will spend about 880 pesos (so somewhere in the ballpark of 9 dollars) I know that sounds like it isnt that bad, but I feel for some reason I should let you know I will withdraw money to pay my half. 9 dollars sounds like nothing but 880 pesos is like WOAH haha. As an overall warning. I am really trying to be thrifty with money (for example I dont hire a tagalaba, I just handwash my own clothes), but to be honest the cost of living here in Dagupan is higher that all my other bukid areas. So dont be alarmed that I withdraw more than before. You just let me know if it is too much. I am also starting to collect a few souvenirs slowly.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good week and I am so excited to see you on skype:) hopefully it all goes well.

Elder Dahle

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #79 On the mend & our AMAZING ward!


Well, I am definitely feeling better. The only thing I have left to take care of is a really bad cough and some stomach pain, but it doesn't stop us from getting out to work.

That being said it seems like the adversary is working extra hard to make us not functional because my companion also got a pretty severe cut on the top of his hand haha. He just got out of a tryke and the poor guy just turned around and his hand hit another tryke that had a bunch of galvanized steel on the top, and the edge was really sharp, so we had to rush home and I had to use all that first aid stuff haha. His hand is all bandaged up right now, but he is doing okay.

Yet we managed to teach more than we did last week haha! The Lord has blessed us abundantly with success and support from the ward. This past thursday the Bishop just called and asked where we were an told us he was going to come pick us up in his car and work with us for the rest of the evening!! And we had so much fun working together that he told us he was going to work EVERY THURSDAY!! Never had a bishop like that before.

But that is just how it is here. This ward is like the best in the mission. Everyone knows their callings and just does them. When the Ward Mission Leader is on his way home from work he frequently will call us up and offer his evening and other help. Thats just amazing to me. I think about when I was working at batteries plus, if I was on my way home from work I confess that I was honestly rarely thinking

"boy, I wonder where the missionaries are right now and how I can help them"

But the Ward Mission Leader here and really all the members are just so converted and consecrated that they are always willing to sacrifice time and exert energy to pull their member missionary weight.


John Bytheway was assigned in this ward!! haha we have met some of his converts and many of the members were close with him. Just kinda cool haha.

Lester didn't make it to church in our ward. He went to the other ward with his friend, which is good but wont help him progress towards baptism:( we have to reset him probably. He is having a hard time adjusting to his new ward, please pray for him to overcome it, and be able to make new friends.

Anyway, I am not sure if I told you or not but President has assigned me to experiment with relentless week and try to find a way to make it a constant thing. So this transfer Dagupan Zone has just done Relentless Week EVERY WEEK! And I tell you what it had been exhausting haha. But it has really made us push and helped us to stretch and work to get those Progressing Investigators to make the baptismal covenant.

Anyway heres some fun news!!! MOTHERS DAY CALL IS COMING UP! I will be allowed to skype call you on May 9th in the morning (my time). So hopefully you can get that all ready and get everyone there who wants to be there:)

Anyway, I love you and I hope you are happy and doing well. Dont worry so much please? There are honestly some trials and some challenges that we face here that I just cant tell you about because the White Handbook really cautions about speaking negatively about where we serve in our emails home.

To sum it up I will say that I love these people to death, but there are some cultural things that really hold them back from their full potential and its enough to make a missionary want to rip his hair out haha. Much of it and the best parts of my adventure just cant be put in email and they will have to wait till I get home. I write in my journal every night, so its all recorded.

Just know that I am happy and alive and FOCUSED. Sometimes I think you see my emails and think that is a microcosm of my brain for the whole week. No. Its not. Today is P-Day. Today is the day where I am allowed to think about other stuff. It is healthy. Its is why we have been given this time. So when I get excited about music or other stuff dont worry so much. My companion and I keep each other in check. We dont talk about anything like that except on mondays before 6pm when we go out to work. Does that make sense? Please try to understand. I am not trunky. Far from it.

Anyway, enough of that:) Love ya

Elder Dahle

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #78 - Still very sick BUT still teaching!

Hey mom and dad

Not sure how long I can email. It got cut short last week because I threw up while emailing. I am pretty sick right now. PLEASE dont freak out and go beg sister deyro for info. I will tell you everything right now.

I started with really bad body aches just like when I got sick in march. Then I was vomiting a lot, and had a blazing fever. And the worst was I was having loose bowel moments every 20 minutes.

We though it was just a sickness that they call "trankaso", but then my stool started to have mixed blood and mucous. I had been in contact with sister deyro all week and she helped my get the fever to me manageable and lessen the pain of the body aches. However at this point the diagnosis seems to be that I have an intestinal parasite. We are not sure, if I do have one it is only a small or mild one. I have already been prescribed a release medicine so I can pass the worm.

Basically this sucks. I will email more in a bit, but the important thing is that you know that I am alive and about as happy as a person with a parasite can be. I am in good hands because sister deyro is a very talented doctor who is very receptive to revelation so she will make sure I get taken care of. I am drinking a ridiculous amount of water. the bad part is that it goes straight through my body.

Anyway, I did however get myself out of bed to work a couple days so I have some other things to tell you other than being bed ridden.

As for your questions yes me and my companion are very busy and having a great time, we basically dont ever get a break, we always are out doing something. Especially in Dagupan because it has the best hospital so when missionaries get sick and have to go there, we are the ones who go visit them and bring them food and such. I didnt get to go to church yesterday, but my companion happily reported that 5 of our investigators came to church:) Two of them live on an island that is pretty far away so it really takes some serious faith for them to make it to church, but they did:) Then there was a husband and a wife that we found last week and they came and had a really good experience. Then the last is Lester.

Lester is the most incredible investigator that I have ever had. He is a 19 year old who had been going to church in a neighbouring ward for like 2 months straight and the other ward thought he was a member, when they found out he wasnt they promptly referred him to us because he lives in our area. We went and taught him the restoration and felt the spirit really really strong. After coming to church for 2 months he pretty much already knew it all but he said it was really special when he heard it in the lesson. After the lesson we asked if he had any questions, he paused for a long time, then expressed his question about why people of African decent could not hold the priesthood before. after answering that tough question we warned him that it would be unwise for him to search the internet for things like that, and that his questioning should lead to stronger faith, not doubts. We told him that sometimes we dont know the exact reason or answer to questions like that, but through reading and prayer the spirit could speak peace to his mind and heart. Then next lesson we came back and he burst into tears and bore testimony of the divinity of the book of Mormon and Joseph Smiths prophetic ministry. It was incredible.

Anyway next question. Singing? Honestly it has been difficult to schedule anything new, we have a performance on the 24th and then we are looking to set up a street performance for the Bangus Festival.

BY THE WAY. Bangus. Bangus is what we call milkfish in the united states and it is a HUGE deal here. This month is the annual Bangus Festival and there are a lot of cool things going on, cultural celebrations, food tasting etc, When we come back, this is the time of year I want to come back to show you the bangus festival.

Yes being a zone leader does eat up proslyting time, but oddly enough we teach more lessons that I have my whole mission regardless. Last week we missed 2 days of work and still taught 40 lessons.

Anyway I am just going to focus on getting better for now and try to get out to work as soon as possible. Elder DaBell is taking good care of me, always making sure I have cold water, and a cool rag, and the meds I need. Anyway, I love you lots:) Bye

love you bunches:)

Elder Dahle

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week #77 - Letter interrupted by one sick boy!

Hey mom and dad,

GAAAHHHH it is SO HOT HERE. Like 110 degrees all the time!

But it is okay, because we are having a BLAST haha.

We are teaching a lot of people and quite a few of them decided to come to church and watch conference!!

The zone is honestly really struggling right now but we are going to give a workshop this Tuesday to help them.

Ill just give a rundown of this week in days,

Monday- PDay- nuff said

Tuesday- we had zone training and we shared the workshop that president gave us at MLC


Thursday- Zone interviews, president took me and my comp out to dinner

(Letter was unfinished as Alex got very sick in the middle of writing it. See update in next letter home.)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week #76 - A Transfer, a new Companion & new job as a Zone Leader


I TRANSFERRED!!!!! haha I guess I am not allowed to stay anywhere longer than three months haha. On to my 7th Area and my 11th companion. (makes me sound like a disobedient missionary but really I promise I am not)

No more that 24 hours after my last email that I told you that I probably wasn't transferring, we were out working and I got a call from President Deyro to tell me that God has called me to be a Zone Leader, AND that both ZL's in Dagupan were being pulled out so my new comp and I would be opening and white washed area again FOR THE 5TH TIME IN MY MISSION.

I might as well get used to not having a clue what I am doing haha. Because every time I think I have it figured out a new thing happens that I have never done before. I guess thats how learning and growing is.

Anyway, it is so strange, I had just emailed you a couple weeks ago about music and both of us had questions about who else would be in the band and how I could do music with people who have the same moral standards as me. Over then next couple days I thought about it a bit and was thinking "ya know my mom is right, I really gotta find someone to help me keep my ground"

And lo and behold, my new companion is Elder DaBell from Nashville Tennessee, and he can play the bass guitar!! haha like really!? Imagine that haha. He goes home in two transfers so I am going to send him off and be his last companion.

Being so close to going home he has really been thinking about what he wants to do. He was a soccer player before his mission and easily could have played professional. But many of the games are on Sundays, so that isnt really going to work. So he wasnt really sure about where he was going with life because he wants to really love his profession.

Long story short here is the plan. He and I are going to room together at BYU Idaho and save up money for the band while we study, and then summer of 2018 we come back to Ohio and try to get it going before we go back to school in September. then in 2019 we transfer to Provo. Cool huh?

Ha anyway. We have had such a wonderful week. Dagupan Ward 2 is night and day from my last assignment in Ward 6. Everything is SO ORGANIZED and the ward functions so well. We have about a bajillion investigators right now and a lot that are nearing baptism, the closest are Antonio, Lawrence, and Joseph and all came to church so that is a good start. For the first couple days, open area was hard because we didnt know where anything was at, so we just prayed and then went outside and asked people lots of questions to try to figure out where we needed to go.

We wore our suits to church (because I desperately miss wearing a suit) and got a really wonderful welcome from the ward. This is the best area in the mission and I dont want to leave, I just want to finish here, and that is a high possibility haha.

Anyway I will send pictures. :)

I love you all so much. I want to bear my testimony that Christ lives today. Holy week here was almost really sad because all I saw everywhere were crosses and symbols of Christs death. I dont really understand that because HE LIVES. He loves us and is so deeply involved in our lives that if we just act on the desire to know him he will manifest himself to us through his Spirit. I feel this spirit every day and I feel it testify to truth as I speak it to my investigators, this is indeed The Church of Jesus Christ.

Stay Happy
Elder Dahle

Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #75 Weird! I am a giant at playing basketball here!

Hey Family:)

Before I forget; please get a copy of "The Infinite Atonement" by Tad R. Callister (not sure if thats how you spell his name).

Ha it made me soooo happy to read all that advice because those are really the questions that I had and I have yet to answer. As far as genre is concerned he mentioned somthing like the Killers or Temper Trap or Mumford, or even One Republic. Go look up "all these things that Ive done" by the Killers or "Crossfire" by Brandon Flowers and you will see the kind of style we are going for, kinda like before but without the punk roots.

Of course I really have no idea because I am still 6 months away from home but, we will see I guess.

As far as getting married to a "a nice little LDS girl to get married to who loves you, your music and wants to see you on stage"

That is indeed the plan haha. Its kinda hard to imagine right now but I guess well just see what happens.

Ha there is so much "well see"... The first 6 months home are going to be wild. Its going to be hard, fun, sad, exciting and terrifying all in one.

Anyway, I dont have much to tell you about the things that happened this week.

I got chased by a trans-gender. Not really the first time thats happened on my mission but it was especially absurd this time cuz he/she chased us a longgg way. There are a lot of those in are area. We have taught a few but it is kinda tough to get them to take it seriously.

I have NO clue if I am transferring.

I will be totally honest and say that I want to get out of this area so bad and get a breather in a stake center area again or something, but I dont see it happening, because president knows I am growing and learning here as painful as it is. For the first time I think I am going to stay somewhere for 3 transfers.

Anyway I am going to go play basketball with the other Elders in the Zone (which is always a blast because even though im not spectacular, I still tower about 1 foot above the rest haha).

I love you so much. I am sorry I cant send pictures, the internet is just too slow:(

Have a great week:)

Elder Dahle

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week #74 - Better late than never! A Baptism & a time to talk about the future!

Hey Mom and Dad,

MOM I AM ALIVE!! haha. I will explain. Long story short I got SO SICK yesterday and I could not even stand on my feet without vomitting let alone make the trip to the computer shop. Sorry I couldnt email yesterday. I was way sick and got permission from sister deyro to email today. I am better now:)

Anyway, that makes me so happy that Steve would choose me as one of his mentor pins. I hope he is making progress towards a mission. 

The geography of my area is exactly as you said it. Water. We are just surrounded by water. The Island isnt like a normal island with a beach outline, but there are these little paths called Pilapils that lead you from fish pond to fish pond. There is 1 road in the whole area. Just one. Which honestly makes the work pretty tough be cause we just walk back and forth the WHOLE DAY.

As far as the sewage pit is concerned. We were walking and it was night time. I saw a wall that was kind of off to the side of the path that had a lot of tall grass along the ground in front of it. Here in the Philippines public urination is not the least bit unacceptable. Both my companion and I had to pee. So we went up to the wall. My companion went first and nothing strange happened, then I came up to the wall about 10 feet away from my comp and took a step towards the wall. I felt solid ground under my feet so I knew I was okay. Then my next foot followed and sank into a hole which they call here an "imbornal" (I know even the name sounds disgusting). The homes here dont have disposers in there sinks and they honestly dont even have plumbing. Its just a tube that goes outside to the wall and lands into the imbornal canal. And it just sits there and festers forever till some poor chap like me come along and puts his foot in it. I know, gross.

Anyway. YES! Jonah was baptized! She bore her testimony at the end and she told her story about the months leading up to January before we met her. She talked about how she was really losing hope in life and felt like God was not answering prayers. Feeling a little guilty for her lack of faith she decided to make it here new years resolution to "get to know god"...
Then we showed up on her door on January 1st. All because we followed the spiritual prompting to do a magic trick for her little brother who then took us to meet his sister; Jonah.

Another success was that 141 people came to church on Sunday. Which is 1 over the goal we set with the ward council when we arrived here. I remember telling them in PEC that "if we trust in the lord and his ability to change people, 140 people will attend church before my companion and I transfer out of this area". And we did. By trusting the lord we saw that miracle happen.

Anyway Mom and Dad. I have been thinking a lot and as dangerous as that is I think maybe it would be an okay time to try to talk to you about some things.

I want to do music for my career.

I know this probably is not a shocker, but I want to talk about it.

There is nothing set or planned because I am still a ways out. But I want to know your views on it. I still want to study music and audio engineering, but I dont just want to be behind the mixer board my whole career.

I know that you are well aware that this has been my dream for a long long time. And I know that before I start anything like this I need to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. I need to be sure that the communication between Austin and I is clear and that he understands how important it is to me to be a force for good in the world, and to keep my standards. I believe that these things are compatible.

It hit me really hard the other day when I was sick and my companion was watching "Im a mormon" videos. He watched Brandon Flowers and Elaine Bradley (both very successful Mormon musicians). I also have been prayfully studying my patriarchal blessing and there it mentions that I would have "many opportunities to share my talents both in the church and in society".

Especially having done a lot of music in my mission I feel like the Lord wants me to continue to magnify and amplify this talent. To continue to nourish it and work on it. I am also well aware that the blessing of keeping the commandments in my life will entitle me to the Lords help and blessing with that. I have seen that in my mission in the simple fact that I am twice the guitarist and twice the singer that I was before I left.

I want to know what you think. I am going to need your support (I am not referencing financial help or support) but I am going to need your help in the sense that you are in my corner and you are there to cheer me on. I would like to eventually speak with Matt and Will ( being that they have some experience in this field) and see what advice they have to offer.

I cant imagine myself doing anything else. I really cant. And I feel strongly that if we approach it prayerfully and obediently the Lord can help me accomplish my dream. He did after all give me the talent.

I love you and I hope you are doing well. Talk about it. Let me know what you think.

Elder Dahle

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week #73 - A Baptism, a growing ward and Music Again!!!

Hey Family!

(I wrote some of this on paper last night so it should be a little easy to read)

Well I cant even describe to you all the blessings and miracles that happened this week!

First of all we had a Baptism!!! Our "no-longer-nine-year-old-coffee-drinking" investigator, Daniel! (And I left my camera at the apartment, next week I will send pictures)

Our baptism was really special and though not many members came I really felt the Holy Spirit of promise when he went into the water and came back out with a big smile on his face :)

ALSO Our investigator Jonah (the very first one we found when I arrived here), passed her interview and will be baptized this saturday!

We have 3 other investigators who are really consistently coming to church and will also be baptized in the coming weeks:)

Another success was that 126 people attended church yesterday!!! Which is also a miracle considering the fact that when I got here there were only 43 people that attended the 1st week.

And all of this because we fasted 3 weeks in a row and prayed soooo hard for all those people by name. I know that these are blessings given by the Lord and we are neither talented nor strong enough to do it on our own.

This week is relentless week again! haha I am so excited and we are really going to try to stretch even further than the goals we achieved last relentless week haha :).

Anyway, yes I am doing music again! Because of the churches new #Hallelujah project I have been commissioned to do music again. (I am SO excited about:)) I am really excited about these upcoming performances because they will be much bigger than the previous ones. We are still in the scheduling and practicing process, but the venues are much much bigger. I may even go to radio stations and TV stations again haha. We will see haha just thinking about that gets me way nervous because I will be pretty much alone, unlike the choir haha.

I am writing a lot of tagalog songs to better appeal to the audience and I really have some cool arrangments of LDS hymns and Primary songs. Go look of Mormon Guitar "give said the little stream" on youtube ahaha. It is sooooo cool.

Anyway. I love you so much. I will send pictures next week:)

Elder Dahle

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #72 - Short but sweet (except for the sewage pit part!)

Hey mom and dad!

I am sorry but this one is going to be kinda short.

This week was so good and was an adventure in itself! Ill wrap it up in some bullet points

> I fell in a sewage pit. dont ask how or why I will just have to send pictures next week

>our investigators that are close to baptism came to church and are really making some good progress!

>Elder Eter and I are a really powerful companionship and we are giving this area all weve got even though there are a lot of really hard headed people here.

I am sorry but I am totally out of my brain right now with english right now I will just have to do better next week:(

Its getting bad. Its like I think so flippin slow. I will try to right it all on paper the night before:(

Anyway I love you so much! have a good week!

PS as for ethan just VERY genlty encourage him and show your love

Elder Dahle

Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #71 - Be of Good Cheer, no one is permanently assigned in Dagupan 6!

One of our investigators owns a bangka boat and let us take it to one of our appointments rather than take the long way by land haha:) They were amazed that I knew how to row the boat. (good thing I took some merit badge or something for that). 
This is me getting thronged by a billion Ilokano kids in my area. I did some magic tricks and they all lost their marbles!
These two girls are children of the Nanay that feeds us all the time:) I shared my twix candy with them and I was able to capture a good moment of laughable chocolate-face happiness haha
This little boy got in huge trouble with his dad because while his dad was sleeping he took his boat all the way down the river. We heard his dad yelling for him to come home so we walked along the river bank and talked him into going home. It was so funny the way he humbly admitted the only way a 7 year old can "yeah I should probably go home and say sorry to my dad". When he got back I got a good picture of him docking the boat.

This is called Tahong Adobo. It is basically oyster meat, cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, salt, sliced chili peppers, (sometimes pineapple and brown sugar). It is really really really tasty:)
Hey Family,

Well the coffee drinking 9 year old is making good progress haha. He has had some headaches but overall he is doing really good and staying strong.

Dont get me started about parenting here, I will just have to tell you when I get home.

We had ALL of our IBD's come to church. And FINALLY for the first time in my mission I will experience weekly baptisms starting march 12!!!! haha I am sooo excited to see these people go the distance and then even further:)

This week I received news that my 1st baptism Albert is preparing to go to the temple!!!!! And I also got permission from president Deyro to attend his endowment session and sealing to his wife in Manila! I cant even imagine how special that is going to be!!

The details are not quite set but I am anxiously awaiting that day:)

This week was Relentless Week again:) and it was full of miracles. We fasted for the Lord to pour his spirit out on our area and he did. We found 23 new investigators and extended 15 baptismal dates, and ALL accepted. Despite the difficulty of this area, the Lord is providing. We have a new island called Lomboy that is part of our area now. It is pretty far away, and we have to take a boat but the people their are so receptive! We met hundreds of people this week and taught at least half of them.

Last week I expressed some of my frustration to President Deryo about our struggles in this area. And his response was so cool and comforting. This is what he said:

"Elder Dahle,
Lest you forget, you are the Father of Relentless week.
So everything that happens to others is counted as your success.!!
Be of Good Cheer, no one is permanently assigned in Dagupan 6!"

Thats quite the relief that I wont be in this area forever.

Anyway, as for the acne (totally random topic), sister Deyro gave me something that seems to be working, but go ahead and send the pro active just in case:) Because the customs fees on the last package were about 5000 Pesos, and it all got subtracted from my support, I will have to withdraw about that much of personal so I can have money this week. I will probably do that right now when I am done emailing:)

Anyway. I have to go!!! I love you so much!! :)

Elder Dahle

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #70 ~ Happy but Stressed!!! Hurdles to overcome!

Hey Mom,

Man 70 weeks. Ha I have to really work hard to not get trunky, because I am not that far away anymore.

I will be honest, I miss home sooooo bad. I miss American food and clean streets and cement buildings. I miss Autumn when it isnt a bajillion degrees.

Anyway, enough of that haha.

Things are going good here. To answer your question, my companion is still really new, only about 6 months. Even though we are kind of a power companionship, we are facing some serious disappointments. Our investigators are just dropping like flies because of persecution:(. It is discouraging at times, but we are not going to let our efforts weaken or lower our expectations.

I am incredibly stressed out right now about this area. I feel a huge weight on my shoulders to fix this area. My body is not reacting well to the stress. I am not really sleeping that well. My acne came back and got really bad. I am going to talk to sister Deyro about it and get her input. Its honestly really frustrating and only adds to the stress.

We are not going to have a baptism after all this week because our 9 year old investigators is flipping addicted to coffee. GAAHHHH.

We will be working with him this week to help him overcome it. Its especially frustrating because his mom is a member and she just stands by. Honestly there is some serious 3rd world parenting in this country. They just let their kids do whatever they want.

Anyway I dont want to go on a rant about that right now.

Overall even though I am really stressed, I am happy doing the Lords work. I know with his help it will all turn out okay.

I love you all so much:) Keep holding family prayer

Elder Dahle