Monday, October 24, 2016

Week #103 - Last Letter Home - 2 years Summed up in 4 Words - Jesus is the Christ

Hello everyone,

I wanted to write just one last blog post before I went home.

I am actually not really sure who the audience of this blog is; how many people have really been keeping up and keeping track of my journey. But whoever you are I just want you to know that if you strip away all the cultural and social hooplah that comes with a foreign mission and look at the results of this two year epic; all that stands is a man (yet still young) who left home- just a boy. I bear to you my simple testimony of the undeniable truth of the Gospel that I have shared over the past two years. While I am aware of the vast and varied religious background of my audience I still extend to all of you an opportunity to open your hearts to wonderful possibilities offered in this Gospel and in His Church.

Joseph Smith is a prophet of God- no slandering or denying (and may I add no Broadway Musical) could shake the testimony I have of that man. The Book of Mormon is a true record of Holy Scripture translated (from an ancient Egyptian tongue) by a very young man only a little older than myself, holding on his shoulders no more than a 3rd Grade education.

The Plan of Salvation has been revealed by that book. Families are meant to be forever if we live worthy of that blessing, and words could not express how grateful I am that my family has been sealed in a Temple of God. I know that God loves us. He is there, he is listening. The worth of our souls is great; and it is great because of the price that was paid for it. The best blood that this universe has to offer was shed for you and for me. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is the Savior.

I bear this testimony humbly. I am an imperfect man. I struggle often and have to exert much effort just to do the simple commandments. But I can say that I am giving it all I have got.

If you are even the least bit curious about these truths and how I came to know them; I am only a message away on social media or text.

I love you all so much. Every last one of you. I am grateful for the prayers and the support. I could not have done this without you.

I am frankly terrified for life on the other side but that is okay haha. I can do scary things:)

I love you all.

Elder Dahle

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Typhoons Hitting the Philippines - An update from President Deyro

Dear Parents and Priesthood leaders of missionaries currently serving in Philippines Urdaneta Mission,

We have been monitoring the course of typhoons continuously until now just to make sure the safety of our missionaries. All our missionaries have prepared since then. They have 72-hour kits, disaster kits, 5 gallons of drinking water each as I have mentioned from my previous email. Some of them replenish their kits hastily right after the typhoon Karen passed. Their apartments were rechecked. Those who live where there is possible flooding are relocated in safer apartments. Their Mission Leaders have been checking on them every now and then especially during dawn where everyone is sleeping. Their Leaders will then report on me of their status or any possible problems.

The storm has passed. All our missionaries are safe and accounted for.

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.

Doing His work in His way and by His power,

Ernesto A. Deyro Jr.
Philippines Urdaneta Mission

How blessed I feel as a Mom knowing he is being so well taken care of and that they have thought of every little detail!  Such is the work of the Lord!!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week #102 - Now give it to me straight!!!

Parental unit,

YES! I am totally cool with staying in a room with Josh! In some ways I think it will be better.


This week has been WEIRD haha. This upcoming week will be even weirder because I have Career Workshop and Closing Testimony Meeting and all that. I will be traveling back and forth from Alaminos to Urdaneta a bunch of times so its going to be exhausting for sure.

I am going to be buying a souvenir for everyone this week so I will withdraw some more money than I usually do.


I spent more time marveled about that than I did trying to figure out that message ahaha.

anyway I love you all so much!:) I will see you soon!!

Elder Dahle

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week #101 - "The finish line is in sight, but I really want to earn it. I really want to cross it as spent and tired and exhausted as the Lord can make me."

Mom & Dad,

The package still has not arrived:( if it doesn't come before I leave I am just going to have them give it to Elder CaƱete- is that okay?

By the way- You should contact Meghan Clark. That is my grandsons mom (sounds weird haha); you should just give her the low down on how the mission goes and try to answer some of her questions. Tell her that I have seen and worked with her son a lot and that he is dong GREAT, he is healthy, happy, and in good hands:) maybe do it a little discreetly haha;)

I am so excited to see the marching band shows! Sounds so great! I have actually heard Heartbeat before- Dylan Shomper and I were suggesting that show years ago haha.

Dinner- okay I dont even know what I want because that all sounds so good haha. I think we should just do Pizza:) you know how I feel about pizza haha. But also, after a couple days I want to cook a couple filipino dishes for the family:) I hope all the ingredients can be found ha.

Anyway, this is my favorite one liner from conference!!!


I loved conference so much, it felt like each of the speaker was speaking individually to me and helping me get ready for life after my mission.

I have really been dedicating these last days in the mission to trying to find and talk to as many people as we can. I am trying to just keep a sense of urgency and be conscience of my remaining time (or lack thereof). I felt a boost of energy come to me as I turned my calender to October and saw the picture of home. The finish line is in sight, but I really want to earn it. I really want to cross it as spent and tired and exhausted as the Lord can make me.

I love you!!!

Elder Dahle

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week #100 - An earthquake & some heartbreak

Hey mom and dad,

No package yet:( I might get it this friday if it is in the office.

I am really sorry this is going to be a short one,

This week was hard. I just felt this huge mountain of exhaustion and laziness fall on me haha. I did not give in, but I can really feel myself getting worn out.

Odd thing, last night 5.7 earthquake hit just off the cost of Bolinao. We didnt get hurt or anything and nothing got destroyed but it freaked me out because it woke me up at 3 am haha. It only lasted like 10 seconds.

Romeo may not get baptised anytime soon. I will tell you why in 3 weeks. He is pretty discouraged please pray for him.

I cant send any pictures today because this computer shop will not take my usb, so I will get them to you next week:)

I am so excited to see you:) I am so excited to hangout with everyone and share the basement with Grandad and even do Family History work and other stuff that I just dont get to do as a missionary haha. I have been praying and fasting heavily to know what I want to eat for dinner when I first get back, can you send me some options so its easier to choose? haha


Elder Dahle