Monday, March 30, 2015

Week #22 - It's a Small World

Hey all,

Alex has been really busy and unable to write a blog letter this week but I will give you a short update based on what all he has told us.

It has been a busy week with a visit from President Monahan which went well! It is looking like he might get to stay in San Manuel through the next transfer which means he will turn the "9 month" corner in San Manuel! They will be closing a huge area in San Manuel and making one big area so it will increase workload but he sounds up for the challenge.

The other crazy thing is that one of the other Elders in his house, Elder Arrington, and he were talking and discovered that they both know the Ogdens!! And as it turns out Elder Arrington's Mom and Sister Ogden are good friends from High School!

Anyway - he sounds happy, busy and motivated! He sends his love to all of you!
Keep him in your prayers!

Elizabeth Dahle

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week #21 - Getting to know new Comps

Hey all!

Wow, this week has been super wild. Hard in some respects. Easy in others. There are two new Elders in our house. Elder Arrington, and Elder Estipona. Elder Estipona is from Baugio and is a visa waiter. His real mission is in New Zealand haha so we have been helping him with English. Its wierd to know I am so close to Derek haha. I do not at all suspect that we will ever see eachother ha, but its cool to know he is close haha. Elder Arrington is just a super swell guy with a heart of gold. He is so hardworking and always has good advice for me, and he is doing a spectacular job training Elder Estipona. My companion Elder Yadao is cool. We have a lot of differences. Anyways, I love him. Tell everyone I love them, Im annoyed my letter hasnt gotten to you, tell ethan to keep singing so he and I can write music when I get home, tell paige that I expect a nobel prize and a nephew when I return haha. I love you mom, Keep reading PMG.

Elder Dahle

PS. Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage is a spectacular piece of literature. If you want motivation to be more chistlike, like I do. Read it. I started that 800 page book two weeks ago and finished it yesterday. It will BLOW your mind.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week #20 - New Area & New Comp

Hey all!!!

Woah. I got transferred... Downstairs to another room. Haha Elder Skinner left to go a longgg ways away to Dagupan in the best area in the mission haha. I got transferred to the other area here in San Manuel and my new companion is Elder Yadao! He is waayyy cool, he has been out for about 9 months now, and I am his first American companion, and he is my first Filipino companion. There are two new Elders here in San Manuel who took over my old area, they are way fun too.

The work is moving. Slowly, but there is progress here in San Manuel, I was really sad to say goodbye to my old area, but everyone were really surprised to see me speaking at church yesterday after we had told them all I was transferring haha. I am still teaching an English class. We mostly play language games to keep the kids entertained too. My new area looks very different from my old area. Its is all 100% bukid, or field. Mostly rice terraces. I will send a picture, but the fields are full of water, and there are very very very small paths through the bukid about 7 or 8 inches wide. So every day is a balancing act not to fall in the water haha. Luckily it is much better on shoes than the mountain climbing of my last are. Anyway I love you all so much have a good week!!!

Elder Dahle

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week #19 - Some Big Brother Instruction

Hey buddy. Boy I miss you man. I wish I could just show you some of the stuff I am doing out here. MISSION LIFE IS THE BEST. Everyday I eat some new crazy delicacy. All the showers are cold though so Im still not used to that haha. But what I really want you to know in this letter is that there is a God. Often times I look back on my youth and remember hearing nothing but complicated, long and detailed testimonies. But that is the truth it all starts with. There is a God. This week focus on that. He knows you. He knows your name. He is there. Pray and ask if he is there. You will feel a peaceful warm feeling. I promise.

GET BETTER! Goodness mom told me you were not feeling too good and we just cant have that! I want to share something that my mission mom tells us all the time. Drink water!! I drink about 5 water bottles a day and it is wayyy good for you and better for you than no water! so make sure you do that. I want you to know that I miss my little sister. I miss your laugh and your sense of humor. Make sure you always say your prayers every night okay? that is the way for god to hear your voice and help you overcome your hard times, okay?

Your goofy brother,
Elder Dahle

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week #18 - Good Week - Blessed with 4 Great Comps

Kumusta kayong lahat!!!
Wow, it is soooo wierd to hear about how much snow Ohio is getting right now. Out here we are baking in 90 degree weather everyday haha. I am getting used to the heat and humidity, along with all the other differences from home. I love the food here, every monday morning my companion and I go a get fresh hot pandesal down the street before we go to our zone studies. Pandesal is basically just hot doey bread in a paper bag, sometimes with sangin or banana in it, but really its just bread. To be honest I don't know why I love it so much but it is easily my favorite food here, maybe you should all have Richard Kice with his fine baking skills, go look up a recipe and you can have a taste of the Philippines haha.

This week has been so strange. This week I worked with 4 different companions, in 3 different areas and we still managed to achieve the goals for San Manuel. First we had exchanges with the zone leaders and I got to work with Elder Abril. This was my first time working with a Filipino and it was sooo nice speaking tagalog the whole day and having him teach me new funny words haha. Elder Abril is a wayy talented missionary and I was blessed to work with him. Unfortunately I am all out of time again! I will write more to you all next week!!!!

Elder Dahle