Monday, July 27, 2015

Week # 39 - 9 MONTH MARK!!!!

Hey Mom & Dad,

Wow I have so much to say in new of this week that I dont know where to start,

1. Elder Atun and I are having a BLAST here and have some really really progressing investigators,

2. I have NO CLUE if Marilyns daughter got baptized or not this past week, but I will be anxiously awaiting news from the Mangaldan 2 branch mission leader

3. I am in a house with 3 other filipinos so basically I am have not spoken much english the past 2 weeks ha

Overally  I am really happy here in Sta. Maria and though I am really feeling the exhaustion of working in the Lords vinyard, it is also energizing and I am fuelled with motivation everytime i see one of our investigators keeping their commitments. The adjustment from the transfer is still giving me a hard time and I have not be sleeping well because of that, but I know I will be all settled in over the next few days. Right now we have 5 really really solid investigators that all have a baptismal date and they all came to church!! I am super excited for 2 of them (a father and a son) who will be baptized on the 15th of August. Anyway it feels so weird that the 9 month mark is now only 2 days away and then I will be going on a year. Keep on giving life the very best you have and it will do the same for you. Never forget that for every commandment there is a promise. And the blessings always far outweigh the cost. I love you mom. I am sorry that I forgot this simple principle of the gospel that I so often teach other people, thank you for your reminder to keep on track. I love you so much

Elder Dahle

Funny . . .  but TRUE Filipino PSA don't do drug signs!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week # 38 -New area & New Companion!


Yes. I got transferred. It was so difficult and there were a lot of tearful goodbyes and a testimony meeting at our BML's (branch mission leader) house on the last night I was there. Now I am open area (AGAIN) in Sta. Maria, Rosales (Elder Skinners 1st area) and we are actually being blessed with a lot of success. My companion is Elder Atun from Bicol who just got back from the mission after going home for a few months. He is a really spectacular, fun, and happy missionary haahah and he is from Bicol so he can whip up some super tasty Bicol Express (my new favorite food here) He hasnt made it yet but other missionaries tell me its way good, so I am looking forward to that. This area was actually a sisters area but it because Elders (but they made it an area for Elders) because they had a stalker? But he didnt really seem that interested in us so when he saw it was (we were) Elders here (instead) we stopped seeing him around ha. Anyway. President asked us to do this survey thing so I dont have as much time as usual. I love you all. I am working hard. Mahal ko po kayong lahat

Elder Dahle

(Elder Dahle asked his Mom to edit this to correct his English because he was struggling but in the name of keeping it authentic for posterity, and it is really cute, my corrections are in parenthesis:-))

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week #37 -Rain, Rain & More Rain

Hey Family,

Wow, sounds like a week of fun, movies, scout camp, Whitneys running around our house, ice cream. Sounds like a pakikipagsapalaran. haha sorry, that means like "risky adventure" but it doesnt really translate that well, its a new word I learned this week and it sounds soooo cool, and its so useful you can even laugh at each other trying to say it; endless entertainment. Anyway, today was the first time we have seen the sun in about 9 days. Derek tells me they go pretty hammered by the typhoon. We have been experiencing a TON of flooding. I am going to try to send some pictures of me and my companion. My shoes are wet everyday from walking in the flood water to get to investigators. Sometimes up to upper thigh and waist. This is tough but it is honestly really really powerful for our investigators to see that we care about them and the work of the Lord so much that we would practically swim through dangerous and disgusting flood water to get to share with them for 20 min.

This week we were however a little disappointed by the fact that only 2 of our 11 investigators with a baptismal date cam to church because of the rain. But those few who had the faith to come despite of the rain will be blessed. We have a baptism this next Saturday!!! But transfer day is thursday! So because I am the trainer, chances are; I will be the one to transfer. This is sad because I LOVE Mangaldan 2 branch. Me and the BML are like bestfriends. He got back from his mission in Iloilo the same week I reported to the MTC. He was the AP there for like 10 months or something and he is the best. He is the reason I didnt fall apart with this whole open area training deal. Sad to say that Elder Baldove's training is now up. In about two days I will find out which of the two of us is transferring, and the next day we find out where. He says he has a strong feeling it is him, but I am pretty sure its me haha. But all is well no matter what. I trust the Lord to send me where I am needed and where I need to grow more as a disciple.

In other news the new Mission President; President Deyro is AWESOME. He is super fun and a spiritual giant and he is really personally close with the missionaries. I was happy I got a good 10 min to chat with him about the mission and my family and my intrests. It is truly inspired that he was called here.

Well the rain just started again and that 3 hours of sunlight is now gone. I love you all, and I hope you all continue to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Just reading the emails from my little sister paints the picture of change that has been happening at home. She sounds like shes about 30 haha. I love you all so much. Stay safe, pray always.

Elder Dahle

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #36 - WET and HAPPY!

Hello Family,

Well. It has been a very very very wet week. It has now rained for more than 48 hours straight. ALL of my clothes are wet. We havent seen the sun in about 4 days, and my area is flooding up to my knees from little accumulation if constant rain. I am having tons of fun though. This week all our IBD investigators came to church again! They are so great and I am going to be DEVASTATED if I transfer. Training Elder Baldove has been a blast and he is now leading the area for the last week of his training. I am proud of him. I am going to miss him.

The new Mission President, President Deyro, is here. I have yet to meet him, but my friend who is the AP right now says he is sooooo awesome. I am really excited to meet him this Thursday.

Anyway in other news a cat peed on my scriptures in the middle of a lesson:( so I need new ones. I may ask my BML to get me some when he goes to Manila this week.. and just send him with some money. I dont have much time left on email, so just know that I love you. I am happy here, I am working hard and becoming a more consecrated missionary every day.

Elder Dahle

The Calm BEFORE the Storm

The Beautiful Philippines AFTER the Storm