Monday, February 15, 2016

Week #69 - A New Companion!!!

Mom and Dad,

First things first. The Camera came and it is SO NICE!! And so did the package with the star wars PJ's and food and other stuff:) the other package is not yet here, hopefully they didnt just toss it overboard.

Well... Elder Cañete got emergency transferred. He just refused to speak to me. The ZL's told me to call president about it. President is a little fed up and if Elder Cañete doesnt shape up he may get shipped out (I pray that that doesnt happen). He is now in the ZL's house. And I have a new companion named Elder Eter! haha I flippin love this companion. Maybe its the fact that his name is only 1 letter shy of being a book of Mormon prophet, or that the pronunciation of his name is identical to a Pangasinan word that means "to give". He is new in the mission but he is a sweet charitable person who works hard and is literally always smiling. We are going to do some serious work in this area haha.

By the way, he is my 10th companion haha

Anyway yes they are feeding us! All sea foods! I have eaten nothing but fish and clam muscles and crab for 6 weeks! There is one recent convert family that feed us all the time and they are so much fun. There are 10 of them that live in this small little bamboo house that hangs over the water, held up by 10 bamboo pillars. Their home could not be larger than the shed of our home on Willow Glen.

I will send some pictures:)

Anyway, I love you so much and I am doing great right now. As much as I love Elder Cañete and he is my son; it is a relief that he is now out of my stewardship. I did however learn valuable lessons in our companionship. I learned that I need to learn how to be more patient (which is a christ-like attribute that we as humans frankly cant really get enough of). I will continue to work on that, as I am absolutely certain it will help me in the future of my mission and after my mission life. I love you so much!!!

Elder Dahle

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