Monday, July 11, 2016

Week #89 - 3 Baptisms!!!

Hey Mom & Dad,

The baptism was soooooo great!!!!! All three of them bore their testimonies with strength, conviction and faith. Especially Lester. All three were so ready. So now we are back to finding again. Elder DaBell officially only has like 21 days in the field so we are going to just go crazy trying to find as many people as possible in his "last minutes" of mission life. Its really scary to see how nerve wracking it is to be so close. I can tell its going to be tough on him to finish.

This week we are going to be really trying to make the transition to that new end of our area, because they left a lot of investigators over there for us to teach. Like you said; the Lord would not have added that responsibility onto our current capacity if he wasnt going to make a way for it to be possible. We just have to find his direction.

Pretty Tie- I really would like a new paisley tie because all of my old ones got wrecked haha

HAVE FUN ON YOUR CRUISE!! I love you so much!!!!

Your son
Elder Dahle

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week #88 - EEKS! A much bigger area to cover!!! Addition of Dagupan 2!

Yay Samantha! I am so proud of you! Josh and Ethan, keep having fun with all the camps and dont get into too much trouble:)

Package addition: you should also throw a long sleeve dress shirt in there; mine got ruined (That is an "after-mission" story) haha.


However there were some weird unexpected things that just happened last week.

First. Elder CaƱete and his companion were needed elsewhere and got pulled out of Dagupan 2....and no one replaced them. So their area and all their investigators are ours. Our area nearly tripled in size as if it wasnt big enough, it is the western half of the whole city of Dagupan! We have like more than 8,000 people in our stewardship!

Lester and Edgar and Patty all passed their interviews and will be baptized this Saturday:) It is so sweet to see their conversion and how much they have overcome and sacrificed to show their love for the Savior and their commitment to him.

We had interviews with President this past Thursday and like last time he and his wife took us to a late lunch and that was really fun. They took some pictures of us at the restaurant and sent them to dad so hopefully you got that haha.

Anyway, thank you so much for answering my questions even though some of them are goofy:) Both you and Dad's answers were very insightful!

Sorry I cant write that much this week, just know that I love you so much and know that the Lord loves you very much!:)

Elder Dahle