Monday, October 26, 2015

Week #53 - Busy but HAPPY! Almost to the 1 YEAR MARK!

Hey Family,

Wow, I have been ALL OVER the mission this week. Even today, and because of that this one is not going to be long or spectacular or have a tear jerking testimony at the end.

No more storm. Its gone, and luckily the other one went somewhere else. However I still had to get up and some ridiculous hour in the middle of the night and go evacuate the sisters in my district because the government opened the dam and that causes some crazy flooding. But all is well. The mission is just doing A LOT of service right now.

This week was good considering. Earlier during P-Day my companion and I negotiated a contract with a landlord for some sisters in Rosales Zone and then we went bowling with a lot of other missionaries I havent seen in a while. I didnt really notice how many friends I had made until we were all in one place and I was able to hang out with all of them.

Because no one went to church the sunday of the typhoon all of the Confirmations for investigators who were baptized on Saturday got moved the yesterday. Which now means that there are about a bajillion records coming to the office for me to take care of. UHG. Anyway mom, I will write answers to you questions on my lunch breaks this week and send them all to you on monday. But for now. I am happy. I am dry. I am tired. And I am now one year old in the mission. YIKES!


Elder Dahle

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