Monday, October 12, 2015

Week #50 - The Book of Mormon is True . . . Try It!

Hello Everyone,

It has really been a long time since I sent a large email to everyone in my list. (Sooooo if you hear that anyone is upset that they didn't get an email, it because I don't have it and they should send it to me.)

So I spent 3 months in Sta. Maria and my last companion there was Elder Sta. Maria (awesome, right?). There I started using music to do missionary work and preformed in front of a college while my sweet companion contacted over 200 people (incredible, right?) while I sang and played guitar. And now am in Urdaneta serving in a new calling (Mission Recorder and District Leader) and my new companion is Elder Ansuban (The Finance Secretary, I give him a hard time because my phone auto-corrects his name as Suburban) He is a Filipino from Mindanao, and he is easily the best, most inspired teacher in the whole mission. I am so very blessed to be his companion to learn from him.

My schedule has changed an awful lot, but it is still focused on my purpose. And we actually get to work way more effectively considering the fact that I have a car assigned to me. My new responsibilities as Recorder include creating the Urdaneta Newsletter, Recording all Baptismal records of convert baptisms, reporting the statistics of the mission to Salt Lake, editing all pictures and photos of new missionaries or activities and such. As a passing comment the records are a complete DISASTER. It is safe to say that I am never bored or without anything to do.

The music is going well and me and the supply manager, Elder Dromey (who was also just assigned a guitar) are preparing for a performance at the church for a church tour activity for investigators.

Honestly I have so much more I want to say but I am out of time.

I just want to close with my testimony of this work, this belief, and the undeniable blessing it has been to come here to the Philippines and meet these wonderful beautiful people, in this beautiful country. I have undoubtedly gone through changes as I have worked shoulder to shoulder with incredible people and worked with them to bring smiles to discouraged faces, and hope to broken hearts. This past week I saw the power of this message bring a grown man to tears as he read promised blessings from the Book of Mormon. I know that book is true. To who don't know anything about or have doubts concerning the 6 words in the previous sentence; I boldly yet lovingly invite you to read it (get a copy;its free and you all know a Mormon). With sincerity. Not just curiosity. With an open heart and mind. Then I invite you to pray and ask your Father in Heaven if it is true. It took time for me to TRULY know. But I will never regret the patience with which I took the steps to find that truth. I love you all so much and I wish you all happiness.

With Love,
Elder Dahle

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