Thursday, October 8, 2015

A brush with Home . . . The Dahle Elders finally meet in the Field

When Alex's Uncle Marc and Aunt Tammy decided to go pick up his cousin Derek from his mission (a neighboring missing to Alex's) I knew I wanted to send some things with them to get to Alex. We had just assumed they would drop it off at the mission home in Urdaneta and he would eventually get it.  But by divine intervention Alex was transferred, a week earlier than transfer week, to be a District Leader and Mission Recorder in the mission office in Urdaneta! And what do you know . . . they got to see him!!! Here are the pictures from their meeting! Tammy reports that he is doing wonderful, looks wonderful and happy! This mom couldn't feel more blessed that this worked out the way that it did and he got a Mom hug from the next best thing, Aunt Tammy!

Elder Derek Dahle, Emma (cousin), Uncle Marc, Elder Alex Dahle & Aunt Tammy
Elder Derek Dahle on his way home & Elder Alex Dahle at the half way mark!

And the 2 cousins meet in the Philippines! Don't you know their conversations were fun!

Elder Dahle with his new companion, Elder Ansuban

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