Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #54 - 1 year down & a New Companion

Hey Mom and Dad,

Well this week was also brutal for the office staff. This transfer is a short transfer so it is only 4 weeks. Meaning we have WAY less time to prepare for the transfer (which has a to do list with more that 100 check boxes on it). A lot is happening this transfer,

Firstly! I have a new companion! His name is Elder Raymundo (his name means "king of the world" so thats what I call him) He is way cool. Its going to be pretty hard to part ways with Elder Ansuban, I am not sure I have had a companion from which I learned so much. BY THE WAY, I just found out that Derek's last companion was Elder Ansubans MTC companion haha, its a small world.

My To-Do-List only seems to get bigger everyday.

2 weeks ago we had interviews with President Deyro, and I took the opportunity to share with him an idea I have had for a while now, that will really help our mission achieve our potential; president Deyro really liked that. It has been through a lot of changes but this friday I will give a Workshop with one of the AP's in MLC to all the Zone Leaders to explain it, then the first week of next transfer we are going to do a test run. Hope it doesnt utterly fail, because I have put countless hours into tweaking it to make it work.

In other news. I received some really wonderful news from the Andersons (they are the Self- Relience Couple missionaries here). Albert Raras is my very first baptism in the mission. Shortly after baptizing him, they found out that his wife Diane was pregnant and amidst the joy they had with that news, he unfortunately had to move far away to Maynila to work so then they could support them, meaning that he could not attend church. For a long time they struggled and at times didnt even have clean water for her to drink. But then the Andersons found her. THey worked hard to help her get to better circumstances and even supplied her with a couple jugs of fresh water. The wonderful news is that Diane has now given birth to a little boy, she is an executive trainer of the SRC in Urdaneta Stake and she and Albert are really close to being on their feet to get Albert in a situation where he can come back and go to church.

This was incredible news to me, and I know they are working to get to the temple to be sealed.

I am now out of time and that is disappointing because I have more I want to share regarding that.

Anyway, I love you, I am safe healthy and having a blast.

Elder Dahle

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