Monday, October 3, 2016

Week #100 - An earthquake & some heartbreak

Hey mom and dad,

No package yet:( I might get it this friday if it is in the office.

I am really sorry this is going to be a short one,

This week was hard. I just felt this huge mountain of exhaustion and laziness fall on me haha. I did not give in, but I can really feel myself getting worn out.

Odd thing, last night 5.7 earthquake hit just off the cost of Bolinao. We didnt get hurt or anything and nothing got destroyed but it freaked me out because it woke me up at 3 am haha. It only lasted like 10 seconds.

Romeo may not get baptised anytime soon. I will tell you why in 3 weeks. He is pretty discouraged please pray for him.

I cant send any pictures today because this computer shop will not take my usb, so I will get them to you next week:)

I am so excited to see you:) I am so excited to hangout with everyone and share the basement with Grandad and even do Family History work and other stuff that I just dont get to do as a missionary haha. I have been praying and fasting heavily to know what I want to eat for dinner when I first get back, can you send me some options so its easier to choose? haha


Elder Dahle

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