Thursday, October 20, 2016

Typhoons Hitting the Philippines - An update from President Deyro

Dear Parents and Priesthood leaders of missionaries currently serving in Philippines Urdaneta Mission,

We have been monitoring the course of typhoons continuously until now just to make sure the safety of our missionaries. All our missionaries have prepared since then. They have 72-hour kits, disaster kits, 5 gallons of drinking water each as I have mentioned from my previous email. Some of them replenish their kits hastily right after the typhoon Karen passed. Their apartments were rechecked. Those who live where there is possible flooding are relocated in safer apartments. Their Mission Leaders have been checking on them every now and then especially during dawn where everyone is sleeping. Their Leaders will then report on me of their status or any possible problems.

The storm has passed. All our missionaries are safe and accounted for.

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.

Doing His work in His way and by His power,

Ernesto A. Deyro Jr.
Philippines Urdaneta Mission

How blessed I feel as a Mom knowing he is being so well taken care of and that they have thought of every little detail!  Such is the work of the Lord!!!

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