Monday, September 26, 2016

Week #99 - THIS IS HAPPENING ALL TOO FAST!! 30 Days left!!

Mom and Dad,

Oh my goodness this is happening too fast!!!

I can barely keep up with the days, it seems like I wake up, go to work for 15 min then its dark and bed time. And the next 30 days are just jam packed with stuff. I hope that I can really maintain my energy for the next 30 days.

I am not going to be able to write that much because the internet in this shop is terrible haha.

I think my package is in the mission home and I will probably get it tomorrow when the supply manager comes.

Elder Orallo is from Cebu (yeah like the one in the song) haha. He is great and we are having lots of fun:)

We had interviews with President, he had some advice for me concerning marriage that I was not expecting and I am pretty freaked out about, we will talk about it in 30 days haha.

We talked to about 200 people on the street this week, some of them are really cool, but its kinda sad that I am at the point that anyone I find from here out will be baptized after I leave :( But thats not stopping me haha:)

I love you mom, have a good week!

Elder Dahle

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