Monday, September 12, 2016

Week #97 Miracles & 116 OYMs!

Mom & Dad!

Thank you for taking care of all the college stuff:)

I think I want to do the Pathways program to get my generals out of the way and because I can do that at the same time that I am at the Recording School.

Officially I have decided that a bachelors degree in Commercial Music is the way to go. It has everything I want. I was also trying to think of a minor. Maybe something in Film Production or Graphic and Commercial Arts.

This week was amazing! We talked to hundreds of new people and found a ton of new investigators.
Our area as well has been the setting for a thousand or more miracles that we were privileged to witness. Romeo is now on day 12 without a cigarette. He said that the scent of tobacco was nearly repulsive to him when offered a cigarette by his friends and he frankly refused it. Think about the conversion of the people after they heard King Benjamin's discourse, when they had "no more disposition to do evil".

We didnt get to teach Prince this week. I am worried that he is facing some persecution, but I know he is strong and can over come it. Archie's baptismal interview is this week. He will be baptized on the 24th and then Romeo on Oct. 1:) I am so proud of them.

I can really really feel myself getting tired, but I am trying to stay diligent and work as hard as possible. I am officially on my last transfer. Its so wild. I am now the oldest in the mission. No one else has been here for as long as me. But even though I am really close I am staying super focused. We dont waste a second. We study for 3 hours, plan for 2, and work for 9 hours a day. Like I said before. I want the end of my mission to be my peak. I am NOT on the downhill slope. I am just climbing the last few ridges. I am still trying to use time wisely and spend every second in front of someone in a lesson. This week we had 116 OYM's, so that was pretty solid, we are going for 200 next week.

I love you so much:) It is so exciting to hear about the plans for BOA and all the other fun stuff we are going to do:) Keep me updated!

Elder Dahle

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