Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #98 - A Baptism AND a Grandson in the Making!

Mom and Dad,

Hahaha that is so funny! What a weird way to fix that problem! Leave it to John Alvarez to be so resourceful! (Steve slightly resembles Big Foot with that beard haha. (His response to seeing pictures of the marching band field/football field being shop-vac'd and mopped for a marching band competition!)

ARCHIE PASSED HIS INTERVIEW!!! He will be baptized this saturday:) Then next is Romeo on the 1st of October!

Elder Sabiano transferred, which made me sad. But my new companion is Elder Orallo and he is almost a carbon copy of Elder Eter haha. I am really enjoying being companions with Elder Orallo, he is a kind, humble, HARD WORKING missionary. I am grateful that I get the chance to learn so much from him.

The miracles are not stopping. Romeo is on day 19, no smoking. We also have a new investigator who is overcoming addictions as well. We are using the 12 steps to change program to help him work through it all. It is amazing to see him grow and work through it. It is emotional and hard sometimes but he is making huge changes little by little.

In other news, I HAVE A GRANDSON! Elder CaƱete is training in this zone! His name is Elder Clark from Midway Utah! He is great. Its kinda weird; I can see myself when I was a new missionary in him. We are having fun helping him get all adjusted to the culture and language and all that, he is doing really well for being so new. He graduated in 2016 hahah what the heck that is so weird.

Anyway:) I love you and I am so excited to see you:)

Elder Dahle

PS- I have not received the package yet:/ I will let you know when it comes:)

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