Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #94 - SIXTY-FIVE DAYS LEFT . . . and probably ALL WET ONES!

Hey Mom & Dad,

Sorry this one is going to be short, I wrote a huge one to Joey and I had to write a lot to President too. Ill send pictures

Here are the answers to questions.

1). I am trying but I just cant seem to find time to get them done. I will try to have it by next week.

2). I cant think of anything specific but there are things I want you to fill the fridge with haha. here are some of them- pizza rolls and bagel bites, and Whole Milk.

Okay here is the short update on the week. Our area was flooded for the whole week and we couldnt get out of our apartment for two days, we got creative and tried to tape plastic around our boots so the water didnt get in.

We gave a workshop on praying with faith at zone conference, it was great haha I guess Ill just show you the notes in 65 days.

We went to the beach early in the morning on exchanges, it was pretty cool haha:)


Elder Dahle

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