Monday, August 1, 2016

Week #91 - A New Companion & Blessed with lots of teaching opportunities!

Dear Family,

Well, Elder DaBell is gone and on to his next adventure. I am grateful for being able to be companions with him for so long because I really learned a lot. I am actually in Dagupan 2, I have been here for 5 months now going on 6:) I am staying here in Dagupan 2 for one more transfer then I will probably transfer for my last cycle. My new companion is Elder Blasabas! He is way cool, he is from the same place that Manny Pacquiao (that famous Filipino Boxer) is from haha.

We have a baptism this Saturday!!! And should have another one in two weeks:). She is this little old woman named Virginia- her faith is so strong and she is fighting the challenges and persecution so well. Her family has pretty much abandoned her and they force her to sleep on a wooden board on the bottom floor of their home. They refuse to give her money so she can take a taxi tryke to church every sunday, so on days that no members can take her; she just walks like a mile and a half to church. She has had a rough past and has encountered missionaries before and been taught, but she is really ready this time:) Ill send pictures next week.

The Lord is really rewarding us for our efforts now and giving us lots of success. Thats not to say that the trials and challenges of the work have been taken away, but we are being inspired and helped to know how to overcome them.

Our investigator Fred is experiencing lots of persecution in his family but we are helping him through it. Satan is working hard in our area. But thats okay because so are we:)

Elder Baldove is doing better... I think. It seems like hes happy but it also seems like he is kind of apathetic and doesnt care what happens to him. Please continue to pray for him.

I am happy and working hard. I am however honestly getting a little apprehensive about going home and a little stressed about the future. I know as long as I follow the spirit with faith I have no reason to worry, but its still kind of nerve wracking, especially watching DaBell go home and seeing how hard that was. Its been an emotional couple weeks. But I still have time left here in the Vineyard:) Not nearly enough, but I still have time.

I love you:)

Elder Dahle

P.S. So maybe to clear things up about the transfer this is what I can tell you. I have exactly 12 weeks left today. On October 25th I go to the mission home. The 25th I go to Manila. The 26th I should be home. :) Not sure about flight plans or time yet so just hang in there:)

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