Monday, December 7, 2015

Week#59 - BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!

Urdaneta Zone
Hey Mom and Dad,

(Sorry, I have literally no time so this will be short)

Dad, that sounds like a really great idea. Basketball is wayyyy bigger than soccer here. I will check some prices next week. I dont get a P-day this week because we in the office are SO BUSY preparing for Christmas Conference. Its going to be great though.

John Michael and Imelda made it to church this week. It was so exciting to see them walk in with big smiles on their faces ready to take the sacrament and stay all three hours. Its hard to pick a favorite investigator, but they are way up on my list, even if they did have a hard time keeping all the commitments at first.

Well this week has been very very busy, as I predicted last week. BUT next week still may be worse ha. And to make things all that much more stressful, I have ENTIRELY lost my voice. It is GONE. Which made my performance this morning pretty tough. No, we have not yet performed on Television (ABS/CBN Dagupan, if you want to look it up. Dont worry we will get a copy of it), but this morning a church videographer came and filmed us, as well as someone from the Area Public Affairs to come check on us before we go sing to make sure we are up to par, considering the fact that we are representing the church on a widely broadcast station. The public affairs lady cried, so its safe to say we are either really bad or she really felt the spirit when we sang "The First Noel", either one, she gave us the thumbs up to go through with it.

Elder Dromey and I have about a billion shows coming up and our zone is going to come with us to OYM and contact people while we sing again. We are going crazy showing people the new church video "a savior is born". It is really powerful and I can see the spiritual effect it has on those that see it. It brings in all ages and really captures the importance of the birth of christ and the reason for Christmas, and it is all explained by children around the world.

Mom, the Christmas call will be anytime between the 24 and the 26th of Dec. Please tell me when is best for you. It will be nice and quiet here in the office and I have very excited to see you all:)

Anyway, I have been busy making ID's for all the missionaries in our mission and I need to get back to that so I can have them done by tomorrow, I love you so much:)

Elder Dahle

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