Friday, December 25, 2015

2015 Christmas Call

Memories of Alex’s 2015 Christmas call

Despite MANY technical difficulties, lots of frustration & tears we did get to talk to the boy!!! Here are our favorite memories:

· Advised his siblings to do homework and work hard at school!

· He was actually excited to leave the music performing behind in the mission field so he can focus more on the missionary work and teaching.

· Favorite place in the mission was the Mountains he climbed in his first area with Elder Skinner

· Had no favorite Tagalog word – loved the language.

· Favorite food is fresh pineapple.

· Is excited to be traveling on a boat to get this his area in Dagupan where he is transferring to.

· Excited to be teaching in the field again and not in the office partly because he never got much of a P-Day.

· Needed a HAIRCUT!

· He was shocked by Josh’s deep voice and how tall everyone was!

· He did ask if we had seen Star Wars and was so sad that he wasn’t getting to see it!

· He seemed happy!

· Loves his mission!

· Loves President Deyro

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