Monday, November 30, 2015

Week# 58 I love missionary work!!!

Hey Family,

Well this week I have been busier than any other week of my mission, preparing for next week which will be busier than this week. President randomly decided to come work with me and my companion yesterday and teach our investigators with us (cool right!?). We were teaching a new investigator named Donald, and (like all new investigators I find) we used the "restoration cup pyramid" tool that Mom sent me when I was being trained. It was really really powerful for Donald and he decided to make changes in his life to prepare him to be baptized on January 9th! President loved that teaching tool and asked me and my companion to do a demo-roleplay of it in the upcoming Missionary Leadership Council.

In other news, John Michael and Imelda DIDN'T COME TO CHURCH GAAHH.

As upsetting as that last sentence seemed, all is still well. We had another tough lesson with them to get them back on track. They will still be baptized on the 19th assuming they come next week. We will be praying that they do.

Also, about extending. I am not so sure. probably not, but maybe still. haha we will see.

Sorry this one was short, I had surprisingly had a LOT of people email me today. It was nice to hear from all of them. I love you all so much. I love missionary work, and I want you to be doing it all of the time:) Ethan I encourage you to go work with the Elders:) I love you all!!!!

Elder Dahle

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