Monday, December 21, 2015

Week #61 - Baptisms, Singing performances & a Transfer as a Trainer to Start the New Year!

Elder Dahle & Elder Dromey

Yes! The baptisms happened!!!

Well, this week was a really really really hard week. Our second TV performance was SOOOO COOL. Four of us men did an a capella arrangement of O Holy Night and it was really hard but we pulled it off pretty well. That was the first time I have really had to hold my own part by myself a capella, so it was a good learning experience. We could tell the people in the TV station felt something really special.

On a humorous note. They had a second camera facing our chorister (Elder McBride) and they had a green screen behind him. on the green screen they layered the footage of the choir singing so it looked like he was conducting in front of us facing the camera. That sounds pretty cool right? Well, Elder McBride's neck tie was green which meant that when they layered our images, he had a big whole in his body through which you could see the alto section haha. Everyone in the whole studio got the giggles from that haha.

It was all pretty stressful overall with the schedule and getting ready for the other performances that Elder Dromey and I have on the 24th at the CB Mall Event Center (which we are soooo excited for), and the last TV Choir Performance on the 25th, as well as a few other shows.
"Urdaneta Zone Missionaries will be Presenting a Christmas Concert at CB Mall on December 24, from 11AM until 3PM. The Mall has donated the use of the venue on the 3rd floor. All the restaurants in the mall are placing one of these cards with each person who visits their restaurant to help publicize the Christmas Concert. Elder Dromey and Elder Dahle will be singing and the rest of the zone will have booths setup to teach about our Savior Jesus Christ." Flyer being handed out by the Urdaneta Stake

However, last night I was informed by President that I am training again this next transfer. I am really excited for that, but it is definitely tough to say goodbye to the office and my current comp and all the other people I have worked shoulder to shoulder with. To be honest, it was a shock because I thought I was going to be here till the end of next transfer. But I suppose President's revelation was different than my personal plan and I have to be submissive to that. So here comes another open area (being my 4th). I think I am going to Dagupan, which is kind of like the promised land of the mission, so maybe there is greener grass over there for me. And there I can pick up Pangasinan again since I have forgotten a lot after being in Ilocano areas for the past 6 months. I don't know. I will be honest. I really really dont want to leave this area and calling. But I suppose I dont have much of a choice, and I have to trust that that will be best. 

I am excited to meet my kid. I have seen pictures of all of the new batch, but I dont know which one is my trainee yet. I will be honest. I want to train a foreigner so bad haha. Teaching them Tagalog is way fun.

Anyway. Singing on T.V. has proven to be incredibly effective. We literally walk don the street and people ask "hey were you singing on my TV last week?" haha then its a nice segue into bringing up a gospel conversation.

Anyway, YES I GOT MY PACKAGE! Haha the little flip calendar made me trunky for a little bit when I got it. And all the little notes I got from all of you were really special. My companion and I are saving a bunch of the candy for our curfew night so we can pig out while we watch church movies haha. Anyway I love you all so much. Maligayang Pasko!!!!

Love Elder Dahle

P.S. I FORGOT! Dec. 26th at 9:30-10 am (my time) I will call. I love you!!!

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