Monday, December 28, 2015

Week #62 - Getting Ready for a Transfer!

Hey Mom and Dad,

Well this week has been another busy one trying to get ready for the new Recorder to come and packing up all my stuff (I am getting REALLY good at packing). Unfortunately I am not really going to be able to email more than a couple sentences because I just got back from Dagupan to get my new apartment ready and such. But I did get at least a little bit of a P-Day because I was able to get a haircut (FINALLY) and eat at a nice resturante.

Anyways honestly that is all I can manage this week because I am all out of time:( I promise my P-Days next transfer will be much longer and I will get more than 30 min to email. I love you, have a good week!

Your son
Elder Dahle

Family Home Evening we had at John Michaels house. Maraming bata. 

Heres a monkey we found. The owner named him tagapagmuni-muni which means Heavy thinker haha cuz he always has a thinking face haha

Some balute egg I ate! 

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