Monday, November 23, 2015

Week # 57 Little Miracles come from the Lord's detours

Family and Friends,

Yes little Rhianna is adorable and like a smaller Sam. I very much enjoyed talking with her. Its strange I will never ever see that little girl again, she lives in Bulacan and they were just here to tag along with their Dad who is one of the people who has some job in preparing for the temple. Its weird how you say goodbye to your family and all those you love, then go on a mission and spend all two years meeting and loving new people and then also saying goodbye to them. Its hard.

In other news. John Michael and his mom are now progressing investigators, we really watched them catch a new sense of purpose in coming to church, not just because the missionaries said so, but because they want to keep the Sabbath day holy. They are going to be baptized on the 19th. Also, I have gotten word this week that 6 of the investigators Elder Baldove and I found were baptized and also 3 of my investigators in Sta. Maria are being baptized by Elder Sta. Maria. Many of the seeds that I planted are being harvested, and one of my old investigators is now saving to go on a mission. It feels so incredible to have been then Lords instrument to bring those people closer to him and going in the right direction.

Everyday Elder Raymundo and I see little miracles. They are always disguised as a bad timing problem, or a wrench in our schedule, but it always ends up taking us where we need to go. "Punted" is a common term used by missionaries, meaning that your appointment wasn't home. We as a district have decided to stop looking at it like a negative thing and just call it "detour" because we know that the Lord needs us to be somewhere else.

Speaking of district. This transfer there are two new Sisters in my district and the AP's are now in a different Zone. We have not yet had a district meeting because of a lot of other things to prepare for Relentless Week and for the Christmas Initiative that the church is launching on November 29. So I haven't given and workshop in a LONG TIME. Its kind of a relief. But I do miss it ha. Because of relentless week and the effort that everyone put into it, this month the missions effectiveness is THROUGH THE ROOF. We are all very anxious to get the Temple here and we are preparing Pangasinan as much as we can.

Music! In the next couple months I am going to be doing a TON of music. In three weeks or so a mission choir that I am in of about 8-10 missionaries will sing a capella on the radio and then again on TV later that week. The TV station is a really big deal and covers most of Northern Luzon (thats the name of the island we are on) and it will be seen by more than 7,000 people, so it should be pretty exciting. Elder Dromey and I will also be playing guitar and singing in Urdaneta City CB Mall Center in a few weeks and we are contacting and inviting news to that as well. I am kind of stressed about it all because we are so busy, but it should be really fun!

Anyway, I love you all so much. I miss you all and I hope everyone is happy. As thanksgiving comes around please dont forget to be extra grateful for all the blessings you have, and do everything you can to share it with others. You are all a blessing in my life and I am grateful to be able to be a part of your lives. Happy Thanksgiving!! See you all Next Thanksgiving! IF I DONT EXTEND! haha sorry Mom, suprise!... I am thinking about it. I will pray about it and keep you updated I am about 50/50 right now. (joey I know you said you will kill me if I did it. Its only 6 more weeks, still love ya bro:)

Elder Dahle

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