Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #55 - Investigators SOOOO close and yet sooo far!

Hey Mom & Dad,

I am happy! The work goes well, President Deyro decided to go ahead and put my idea to the test this week starting today. So we had a meeting early in the morning today and so "Relentless Week" begins. I am very excited about it and I am carefully watching and analyzing the statistics to see the results. It is very exciting. I am getting to teach quite a bit, but we had a really discouraging experience yesterday. We have 2 investigators who were really really close to baptism; John Michael and his mom Imelda. They have been doing SPECTACULAR through all the lesson, they have been reading, praying, and coming to church, and all was going great. Then they passed their interview. All was great and they were set to be baptized this upcoming Saturday. BUT the following Sunday after their interview... they didn't come to church.... UHHGGGGG I just wanted to pull my hair out! They were SO CLOSE, but now we have to reset them and take them back another 4 weeks. And these next 4 weeks are going to be significantly harder; that's how it always is. The temptations for them will be stronger. The adversary will be more vicious in his attempt to halt their spiritual progress. Please pray for them. I feel very very close to these two individuals and I have had some very spiritual experiences with them while teaching, it would be hard for me if they cant keep their commitments. Anyway yes MANGALDAN IS NOW A STAKE! That is so great and I am very excited for them, my favorite BML Randy Delo Santos keeps me pretty updated on things happening there. I would do anything to die in that area (relax! "die" just means end my mission). The music has been tough to fit in to the grueling office schedule. We are working with President Deyro to find areas throughout the mission that need it so I can just go there and preform for them to help them get OYM's. I have preformed and a few church activities like FHE's and the homecoming of a local missionary. But for the most part I am taking a break because my responsibilities right now as Recorder and a District Leader have me swamped. I have even been dumb enough to add on to my work load by taking the lead on the Relentless Week program. When people have questions I get a text. And lets just say that I have been answering a lot of questions. Not to mention that being a DL means that I have to go interview the baptismal candidates of the missionaries in my district. This makes my schedule crazy but I LOVE INTERVIEWS. They are the most spiritual experiences. You really get to know who they are just in the short 6 interview worthiness questions. I have already faced some unexpected answers to some of the big ones. Those will have to be stories for after the mission.

Anyway, things there seem crazy. Sounds like everyone is really keeping busy. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT ETHAN DOING DRUM-LINE. Oh my goodness I miss drum line. Can you email me some of my old drum line pictures, particularly the drum break ones :). YES my companion has a great sense of humor, we get along really really well, he is going to be one of my favorites:). Speaking of favorites, having a car means that on P-Day I can go where ever the heck I want to shop and such and so we went to SM mall today and I had a sweet reunion with Elder Sta. Maria, I miss him tons. He has a pretty tough companion right now so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I also get to see my kid (Elder Baldove) all the time, right now he is actually companions with Elder Brown haha, strange how it all works out. President Deyro is so in tune with the spirit in receiving revelation. Honestly, I really loved president Monahan, but he was kinda hard to get close to and really get to know. I feel like President Deyro is one of my closest friend and a father figure while I am away from my Dad. He counsels with me often and gives me advice and asks advice from me and such. I hope to stay in contact with him long after my mission.

Anyway, in other news. THE TEMPLE IS NIGH. A few weeks ago the church architect came to the office and just took a bathroom break after arriving here to scan sites for the temple (The current site wont work because the ground used to be a rice field so the ground is really soft) and he just talked to us for a little bit. He is a church employee and had just arrived from salt lake. I assumed that his position was over the philippines area or asia or something like that. I asked him. Nope. He is in charge of the temples for the whole world haha. 

Anyway, I am doing so good and I am loving the mission and I am scared about how fast this next year is going to go. I am really going do my best to enjoy this last year of 100% dedicated service to the Lord. Mom and Dad. I know this church is true. I want you to know that. For real. I know. And it will always be the guiding light for my life. I love you so much.

Elder Dahle

PS Mom, please keep me VERY updated on your health.

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