Monday, July 27, 2015

Week # 39 - 9 MONTH MARK!!!!

Hey Mom & Dad,

Wow I have so much to say in new of this week that I dont know where to start,

1. Elder Atun and I are having a BLAST here and have some really really progressing investigators,

2. I have NO CLUE if Marilyns daughter got baptized or not this past week, but I will be anxiously awaiting news from the Mangaldan 2 branch mission leader

3. I am in a house with 3 other filipinos so basically I am have not spoken much english the past 2 weeks ha

Overally  I am really happy here in Sta. Maria and though I am really feeling the exhaustion of working in the Lords vinyard, it is also energizing and I am fuelled with motivation everytime i see one of our investigators keeping their commitments. The adjustment from the transfer is still giving me a hard time and I have not be sleeping well because of that, but I know I will be all settled in over the next few days. Right now we have 5 really really solid investigators that all have a baptismal date and they all came to church!! I am super excited for 2 of them (a father and a son) who will be baptized on the 15th of August. Anyway it feels so weird that the 9 month mark is now only 2 days away and then I will be going on a year. Keep on giving life the very best you have and it will do the same for you. Never forget that for every commandment there is a promise. And the blessings always far outweigh the cost. I love you mom. I am sorry that I forgot this simple principle of the gospel that I so often teach other people, thank you for your reminder to keep on track. I love you so much

Elder Dahle

Funny . . .  but TRUE Filipino PSA don't do drug signs!

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