Monday, July 20, 2015

Week # 38 -New area & New Companion!


Yes. I got transferred. It was so difficult and there were a lot of tearful goodbyes and a testimony meeting at our BML's (branch mission leader) house on the last night I was there. Now I am open area (AGAIN) in Sta. Maria, Rosales (Elder Skinners 1st area) and we are actually being blessed with a lot of success. My companion is Elder Atun from Bicol who just got back from the mission after going home for a few months. He is a really spectacular, fun, and happy missionary haahah and he is from Bicol so he can whip up some super tasty Bicol Express (my new favorite food here) He hasnt made it yet but other missionaries tell me its way good, so I am looking forward to that. This area was actually a sisters area but it because Elders (but they made it an area for Elders) because they had a stalker? But he didnt really seem that interested in us so when he saw it was (we were) Elders here (instead) we stopped seeing him around ha. Anyway. President asked us to do this survey thing so I dont have as much time as usual. I love you all. I am working hard. Mahal ko po kayong lahat

Elder Dahle

(Elder Dahle asked his Mom to edit this to correct his English because he was struggling but in the name of keeping it authentic for posterity, and it is really cute, my corrections are in parenthesis:-))

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