Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #36 - WET and HAPPY!

Hello Family,

Well. It has been a very very very wet week. It has now rained for more than 48 hours straight. ALL of my clothes are wet. We havent seen the sun in about 4 days, and my area is flooding up to my knees from little accumulation if constant rain. I am having tons of fun though. This week all our IBD investigators came to church again! They are so great and I am going to be DEVASTATED if I transfer. Training Elder Baldove has been a blast and he is now leading the area for the last week of his training. I am proud of him. I am going to miss him.

The new Mission President, President Deyro, is here. I have yet to meet him, but my friend who is the AP right now says he is sooooo awesome. I am really excited to meet him this Thursday.

Anyway in other news a cat peed on my scriptures in the middle of a lesson:( so I need new ones. I may ask my BML to get me some when he goes to Manila this week.. and just send him with some money. I dont have much time left on email, so just know that I love you. I am happy here, I am working hard and becoming a more consecrated missionary every day.

Elder Dahle

The Calm BEFORE the Storm

The Beautiful Philippines AFTER the Storm

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