Monday, July 13, 2015

Week #37 -Rain, Rain & More Rain

Hey Family,

Wow, sounds like a week of fun, movies, scout camp, Whitneys running around our house, ice cream. Sounds like a pakikipagsapalaran. haha sorry, that means like "risky adventure" but it doesnt really translate that well, its a new word I learned this week and it sounds soooo cool, and its so useful you can even laugh at each other trying to say it; endless entertainment. Anyway, today was the first time we have seen the sun in about 9 days. Derek tells me they go pretty hammered by the typhoon. We have been experiencing a TON of flooding. I am going to try to send some pictures of me and my companion. My shoes are wet everyday from walking in the flood water to get to investigators. Sometimes up to upper thigh and waist. This is tough but it is honestly really really powerful for our investigators to see that we care about them and the work of the Lord so much that we would practically swim through dangerous and disgusting flood water to get to share with them for 20 min.

This week we were however a little disappointed by the fact that only 2 of our 11 investigators with a baptismal date cam to church because of the rain. But those few who had the faith to come despite of the rain will be blessed. We have a baptism this next Saturday!!! But transfer day is thursday! So because I am the trainer, chances are; I will be the one to transfer. This is sad because I LOVE Mangaldan 2 branch. Me and the BML are like bestfriends. He got back from his mission in Iloilo the same week I reported to the MTC. He was the AP there for like 10 months or something and he is the best. He is the reason I didnt fall apart with this whole open area training deal. Sad to say that Elder Baldove's training is now up. In about two days I will find out which of the two of us is transferring, and the next day we find out where. He says he has a strong feeling it is him, but I am pretty sure its me haha. But all is well no matter what. I trust the Lord to send me where I am needed and where I need to grow more as a disciple.

In other news the new Mission President; President Deyro is AWESOME. He is super fun and a spiritual giant and he is really personally close with the missionaries. I was happy I got a good 10 min to chat with him about the mission and my family and my intrests. It is truly inspired that he was called here.

Well the rain just started again and that 3 hours of sunlight is now gone. I love you all, and I hope you all continue to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Just reading the emails from my little sister paints the picture of change that has been happening at home. She sounds like shes about 30 haha. I love you all so much. Stay safe, pray always.

Elder Dahle

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