Monday, June 29, 2015

Week #35 - Tornadoes, Hail and Prayers! - 8 Months Down

Hello Mom,

Nice to hear Ohio is getting some intense rain as well, because it looks like we traded, this week we actually stayed remarkably dry, where all the rain and such was while we were sleeping, or in meetings haha. Although, I forgot to add a little detail from last week. IT HAILED here in Mangaldan!!!! Like, we are talking marble to as bid as quarter size hail. And a Tornado almost completely obliterated the house of one of our investigators. And they met together as a family in the middle of their home and prayed (which we had just taught them how to do the night before) that they would be safe from harm and danger, and they even prayed that we would be safe too. And the Tornado or ipon-ipon in Tagalog, just missed their house by 100 feet or so, only causing minor damage to their roof. This family now is on date for baptism on July 25th and came to church last sunday!

Speaking of which! We had 8 investigators come to church! And now all of them are on date! The work in our area is soooo great right now and we are making so much progress with some investigators that we have been teaching since I arrived in this area! It is amazing to see the journey they have taken from the first lesson till now. Some of them rejected us on sight, then had the slightest change of heart to listen and now are excited and preparing for baptism and membership in Jesus Christ's Church restored to the earth again.

In other news... I am in the same zone as Elder Tanner again!! He is doing so good and working so hard! I was especially impressed with his Tagalog and it was so cool to hold a conversation in the language we struggled with just 7 months before. And NO the transfer has not happened yet, but he was emergency transferred here just last week and is now in the other companionship in our branch!

Anyway, I love you all so very much and hope you are doing well. Please feel free to email me personally and tell me how your lives are going. I am really getting better at this whole email thing so I am sure that I will be able to respond to you every other week, if not every week. Please stay strong and faithful in all things that your Heavenly Father decides to send your way. Never forget that he loves you and wishes the best for you will never give you something you cant handle!

Elder Dahle

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