Monday, March 30, 2015

Week #22 - It's a Small World

Hey all,

Alex has been really busy and unable to write a blog letter this week but I will give you a short update based on what all he has told us.

It has been a busy week with a visit from President Monahan which went well! It is looking like he might get to stay in San Manuel through the next transfer which means he will turn the "9 month" corner in San Manuel! They will be closing a huge area in San Manuel and making one big area so it will increase workload but he sounds up for the challenge.

The other crazy thing is that one of the other Elders in his house, Elder Arrington, and he were talking and discovered that they both know the Ogdens!! And as it turns out Elder Arrington's Mom and Sister Ogden are good friends from High School!

Anyway - he sounds happy, busy and motivated! He sends his love to all of you!
Keep him in your prayers!

Elizabeth Dahle

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