Monday, March 9, 2015

Week #19 - Some Big Brother Instruction

Hey buddy. Boy I miss you man. I wish I could just show you some of the stuff I am doing out here. MISSION LIFE IS THE BEST. Everyday I eat some new crazy delicacy. All the showers are cold though so Im still not used to that haha. But what I really want you to know in this letter is that there is a God. Often times I look back on my youth and remember hearing nothing but complicated, long and detailed testimonies. But that is the truth it all starts with. There is a God. This week focus on that. He knows you. He knows your name. He is there. Pray and ask if he is there. You will feel a peaceful warm feeling. I promise.

GET BETTER! Goodness mom told me you were not feeling too good and we just cant have that! I want to share something that my mission mom tells us all the time. Drink water!! I drink about 5 water bottles a day and it is wayyy good for you and better for you than no water! so make sure you do that. I want you to know that I miss my little sister. I miss your laugh and your sense of humor. Make sure you always say your prayers every night okay? that is the way for god to hear your voice and help you overcome your hard times, okay?

Your goofy brother,
Elder Dahle

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