Monday, March 16, 2015

Week #20 - New Area & New Comp

Hey all!!!

Woah. I got transferred... Downstairs to another room. Haha Elder Skinner left to go a longgg ways away to Dagupan in the best area in the mission haha. I got transferred to the other area here in San Manuel and my new companion is Elder Yadao! He is waayyy cool, he has been out for about 9 months now, and I am his first American companion, and he is my first Filipino companion. There are two new Elders here in San Manuel who took over my old area, they are way fun too.

The work is moving. Slowly, but there is progress here in San Manuel, I was really sad to say goodbye to my old area, but everyone were really surprised to see me speaking at church yesterday after we had told them all I was transferring haha. I am still teaching an English class. We mostly play language games to keep the kids entertained too. My new area looks very different from my old area. Its is all 100% bukid, or field. Mostly rice terraces. I will send a picture, but the fields are full of water, and there are very very very small paths through the bukid about 7 or 8 inches wide. So every day is a balancing act not to fall in the water haha. Luckily it is much better on shoes than the mountain climbing of my last are. Anyway I love you all so much have a good week!!!

Elder Dahle

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