Monday, March 2, 2015

Week #18 - Good Week - Blessed with 4 Great Comps

Kumusta kayong lahat!!!
Wow, it is soooo wierd to hear about how much snow Ohio is getting right now. Out here we are baking in 90 degree weather everyday haha. I am getting used to the heat and humidity, along with all the other differences from home. I love the food here, every monday morning my companion and I go a get fresh hot pandesal down the street before we go to our zone studies. Pandesal is basically just hot doey bread in a paper bag, sometimes with sangin or banana in it, but really its just bread. To be honest I don't know why I love it so much but it is easily my favorite food here, maybe you should all have Richard Kice with his fine baking skills, go look up a recipe and you can have a taste of the Philippines haha.

This week has been so strange. This week I worked with 4 different companions, in 3 different areas and we still managed to achieve the goals for San Manuel. First we had exchanges with the zone leaders and I got to work with Elder Abril. This was my first time working with a Filipino and it was sooo nice speaking tagalog the whole day and having him teach me new funny words haha. Elder Abril is a wayy talented missionary and I was blessed to work with him. Unfortunately I am all out of time again! I will write more to you all next week!!!!

Elder Dahle

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