Monday, December 29, 2014

Week #9 - Minsan mahirap ang misyon - Hard Week

Hello all!

Wow, this has been a tough week. I am going through a lot of adjustment as far as my health is concerned. When a Filipino family offers you dinner it is extremely rude to say no, so sometimes we get like three dinners and at each one they just keep giving you food and don't stop until they don't have any more prepared. And somehow I am still losing weight due to all the physical activity and fatigue. My companion and I get back at 9 every night and the two of us plan for about an hour, and discuss the needs of the people in San Manuel. Then we finally get to sleep and get back up at 6 and go work out for 30-45 min, and then we prepare for the day. We do personal study from 8-9 then companionship study from 9-10, then language study from 10-11, then we go out and talk to people.

The language is way tough, but I am working hard trying to be patient with myself. but seriously sometimes they walk up and say stuff to me and I have no idea what they are saying. And I want to understand and respond to them so bad I just don't know how. I send most of my time talking to kids because they are a little easier to understand and a little more patient with me haha. But its wierd walking around here. Americans are like famous. Its insane haha.

We have about 15 investigators, and none are progressing at all. We are getting punted (lessons falling through) all the time, and our investigators are not keeping their commitments. One we are teaching has a baptismal date but he keeps skipping church so we have to push it back. anyway ha out of time! I love you all so much!!!

Elder Dahle

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