Monday, January 5, 2015

Week #10 - Lomboy, San Manuel

Hello all,

This week has been a roller coaster of up and down. I started the week by waking up with three lizards on my bed haha. And we don't use an alarm, slowly with all the roosters and noise of kids playing basketball, we just naturally wake up. So I woke up and felt something run across my bed and sure enough I looked down and there were three of them haha. Some of the members tell me they taste good but I haven't managed to catch one yet. Anyway I spent a lot of this week walking. We taught in an area called Lomboy on the outskirts of San Manuel, and it is so cool over there. All the families live in these adobe huts with wood and straw roofs, and there is just always something going on down there. We walk down this dirt road to get to a little village, and as we get down the road a little ways, about 6 or 7 dogs run at us and they are barking and growling, but then you get close and they cool off and just let you be. Then all the children come and they beg us to play "planet" with them, which is kind of a weird patty cake game. Then a Nanay comes out with a merienda or snack and feeds us. Everytime. I love going down there because it is more peaceful. It is surrounded by rice fields and there is a huge mountain range behind it. On the way down the road it just seems to come out of nowhere. Its like one second you are still in the city, and then you walk a little further and you get to this opening next to the road, and you just stop. A huge breeze hits you from the clearing and you look out and see the huge open space or rice fields with a few banana and coconut trees spotted throughout. And then in the back ground is this huge mountain range, and behind that you look in the sky and there are huge rolling clouds. And the whole scene is alive too. You see kids running and rice farmers fertilizing, and there are exotic birds chirping and flying. Its way cool.

As far as the work is concerned we actually made most of our goals this week. And we are teaching this guy who is married to a member in our branch. It was so cool, we just stopped by her house and she told us she had been praying that we would show up to teach her husband but he wasnt there. So we taught a short message and got up to leave slightly discouraged and then he came down the road so we got teach him!! Thank you for all your support! I am probably going to be a little slower at replying to some emails because I am going to take some more email time for my family!! I love you all so much!!!

Elder Dahle

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