Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week #7 - Midweek Message Before Leaving the MTC TOMORROW! - Tagalog - a REALLY funny language!


Well this email is going to be pretty short, because we get half a P-Day today and not much more has happened! But I thought I would use this time to tell you some cool funny stuff about tagalog haha. First of all, Tagalog is a mixture of islander languages that has a tongan sound with a spanish twist. All the words are SO LONG, but its not random, all words have a root, then 5 or 6 prefixes and suffixes that add meaning to the word. For example Magpapaliwanag. -liwanag is light, Magpa- is the verb form, and it is an actor focus causative verb, (or a verb that would be used in a sentence tell about how someone caused and event to happen. In this case "to cause to bring light to " or "explain" haha. The extra -pa- in the middle is for tense, making it future tense, so it is "will cause to bring light to".

Tagalog is also a really funny language, Filipinos don't have a very complicated sense of humor at all. They like really funny goofy jokes haha, for example. Bakit ay hindi kayang pumasok ang ocean(?) sa langit or why couldn't the ocean get in to heaven? Answer: Meron po siya tubig asin!!! (it had salt water) hahah the last two words mean salt water, but if you pronounce is phonetically it is "too big a sin" hahaha and most filipinos at least understand a little english so thats hilarious haha. One of our skype investigators told us that joke and I lost it haha.

"good" in tagalog is Mabuti (mah-booty) and "water" is tubig (too-big) haha so good water is MABUTI TUBIG!!! haha alright Im done, the MTC has ripped my sense of humor to shreds and now is only a pathetic compilation of knock knock jokes and 2nd grade potty humor.

Alright I love you all so much!!! stay classy friends! Mahal Kita!

Elder Dahle

This email was followed by a long rapid-fire email conversation with the boy! He is good, excited to be headed to the Philippines.  He will be calling tomorrow to talk to use one more time while still on US soil! He flies from SLC, Utah to LA to Hong Kong and then on to the Philippines where he will spend about a week at the Manila MTC. He will be traveling with 29 other missionaries to the Philippines and so will not be along on the long journey!

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