Monday, December 22, 2014

Week #8 - "Hello po 'der!" - Merry Christmas


This has been just absolutely incredible, this place is different than I had ever imagined. My trainer is Elder Skinner, and he is soooo great! I am his 3rd trainee so he definitely knows what he is doing hahaha. My area is San Manuel just north of Urdaneta if you want to look it up haha. The people here are great, I spoke in church this sunday, I bore my testimony and talked about why I decided to serve a mission all in Tagalog! But then I sat down all smug and maybe a little too proud of myself because then the real speakers got up and each gave 20 minute talks in rapid Pangasinan, which is the strangest language ever. Most everyone here speaks tagalog so I can at least kind of communicate. But there is a little village place in the middle of the rice fields in the outskirts of my area, and that is my favorite place to go. All the children there see us walking down the dirt road to their house and they all run out and scream hah "HELLO PO 'DER" because its hard for them to say Elder so most kids call us " 'der" haha or they scream "AMERICANAS" and sometimes they say "hey joe" haha. But I got the Christmas package from my family and in it I got a Plano ng Kaligtasan (plan of happiness) display and I took it to the lesson and we taught them, and whenever the kids would get rowdy and we would lose their attention I would just look and them and wiggle my ears and they would get real quiet and giggle.

I have so much more I want to tell you all but so little time! I will send pictures next week! I love you all!!!! Mahal kita! maligayan pasko!!

Elder Dahle

Mom, I will be able to skype the 26th of Dec. 9:00 am. that will be the time here so you will need to adjust for time difference haha, make sure tori and joey show up, while we are skyping I will have you use your phone to record a couple short 2 min messages for colby and steve etc. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!! MALIGAYAN PASKO! (merry Christmas)

mahal kita,

Elder Dahle

Elder Dahle with President & Sister Monahan

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