Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week # 6 - Pray for the people of the Philippines

Magandang Umaga!

Well, this week has just been crazy haha. After 6 weeks here your sense of humor starts to decline to all but know know jokes. We are going crazy here and everything is kind of building and ready to blow up. As companions we are all 4 of us really getting on each others nerves and we have had to do District Inventory just about every few days to lovingly let out all the built up frustrations. We are really just ready to be out of here.

This week has been rough, and disappointing as far as our investigators are concerned. Our investigator Beronica dropped us:(... That was heart breaking. I didn't think it was going to be that frustrating. She just didn't have the time to keep meeting with us, and we had gotten so close to her and her family. One of our other investigators Andrew, told us the only reason he was listening to us is because he respected us and his Mormon friends, so it was "up to us if we kept teaching him or not" so that was tough. Everything with our investigators seems so superficial. The focus this week has been companionship unity. Which is basically us working on both speaking equally in lessons. And I think that's why our investigators are not real with us and genuine. They don't feel like we are both invested and care about them because only one of us says anything in lessons. I am just having a really hard time getting Elder Tanner to talk in Tagalog. So out teacher pulled us aside and decided to try doing splits and trading Elder Tanner and Hennessey for a lesson.

So Elder Hennessey and I made a lesson plan, and we did a door approach for a brand new investigator named Mae Yao. We went in and got to know her and she is SOOO COOL, we taught the whole first lesson and traded off and committed her to take up the promise made in Moroni 10:2-5 and the second to last paragraph in the introduction of the BOM. We had such a good lesson. We spoke in all Tagalog with no awkward pauses or anything. And Elder Hennessey and I were completely in sync. A number of times she would ask a question in the lesson and both Elder Hennessey and I would open to the same exact scripture and even say the same words at the exact same time. It was way weird and way cool. Elder Hennessey and I walked out of the lesson and discussed and reviewed. And we wondered at first why god hadnt made he and I companions, but came to realize it was because Elder Brown and Elder Tanner need the two of us. They need us to encourage and work with them to help them, learn how to teach in Tagalog.

Anyway, the last thing I want to share is this video put out by the church. It is about Christmas and the true importance of Christmas. I encourage everyone to watch it, and those who have a testimony of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us to share it on social media with the hashtag #sharethegift. This is a movement that the missionary effort is starting and if you want to be a part of the work I am doing out here this is a perfect way. If everyone shares it, then maybe people will look at Christmas a little different. Not just locally but globally. I love the videos put out by the church and this one particularly moved me. The music and imagery used is absolutely breath taking. So watch it. Feel the chills travel from the crown of your head to your fingertips. Feel your hair stand up. As if a crowd of people moved to their feet in standing ovation and applause. If you watch it with and open heart and mind I promise you can feel that.

Here is the link, SHARE IT for me.

Also, today the Philippines had a category 5 Typhoon hit it! Please pray for the missionaries and the people over there!!!

I love you all soo much!!!


Elder Dahle

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