Monday, June 27, 2016

Week #87 - A humbling week with a little old lady and a homeless man.

Mom and Dad,

NO I DIDNT TRANSFER!!!:):) Niether did Elder DaBell, so I will be his last companion and send him home in 5 weeks.

Sounds like summer is in full swing there haha. I am soooooooo excited for cold weather again, I feel like I lose 5 pounds a day just because I sweat so much, it takes a toll on my shirts too haha, but dont send me more, I will survive.

Okay thats what we will do first- shopping list, and school stuff

>>>Things needed for last package
-a really pretty necktie
-pop tarts
-letters from my family
-deodorant (old spice but not the dry anti-perspiration stuff)
-go out and find the most hard-core face wash that man has ever made
-ziploc bags (typhoon season is nigh).

>>>Questions about school and other stuff
1). Does the Chilicothe provide or give some kind of student discount on recording equipment (other than the classroom gear that I know they have).

2). What is the pay and hour scheduling like for a Paramedic EMT?

3). Ask John if Batteries Plus is hiring.

4). This is a question that is going to make you laugh so hard, but I am obliged to ask due to counsel received by a mission leader. I want a seperate answer for both of you so Ill just make it two questions.

Dad, what was it about Mom that made you decide to marry her?

Mom, what was it about Dad that made you decide to marry him?

Okay now on to my real letter haha:)

This week was really humbling. We are teaching this old lady named Virgie. She really wants to be baptized and she says that "she feels something special and different when we teach her" But her children dont support her. In fact they dont seem to care about her at all. They all live in her house with their spouses and children (multi-generational houses are really typical here) and they sleep in the nice rooms with and all that. But she sleeps on a wooden board on the floor on the bottom floor. The compassion and sympathy I have for her is unlike any I have ever felt before, but it feels almost like we can do nothing. Hopefully her family gets their crap together soon.

I also taught a homeless man under a bridge. Needless to say that was humbling. But he is a sweet guy who has made some bad choices and is just now making his way back to earth. He came to church on Sunday and cried during the lesson about Christ's Atonement.

Lester couldnt make it to church, but it was because of a family problem so we will keep his baptismal date where it is. Edgar made it and he finished Alma and is now half-way through Helaman:) He is SO ready!

Anyway, in other news, my first kid Elder Baldove is a DL now and he is having so much success in his area (which is actually the area right next to Sta. Maria). I think they baptized every week last transfer. Elder CaƱete is doing really really well and he has grown a lot, we are very close friends and the gap that we had before is gone:)

Anyway I love you all so much:) Kaya ninyo iyan!!!

Elder Dahle

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