Monday, June 6, 2016

Week #84 - Trapped watching a companion with Chicken Pox and Planning for the future!

Mom and Dad,

That is so exciting about Ethan!!! He is going to have to much fun and learn so much on the mission, I know I have :). I totally miss picking strawberries and helping at the festival:( sounds like its keeping you plenty busy haha.

I honestly have soooooo little to tell you this week :(

Because I spent the WHOLE week trapped in the apartment; Elder CaƱete has chicken pox (or as Filipinos say in their accent "Chicken Fox"; kills me everytime). And because I am the only one in the apartment who has had it before, I have to stay home with him.

SOOOO heres what I did get to do.

I presented the new Relentless thingy at MLC, President really liked it so they are going to print it off and add it to our Mission Vision of Excellence cards:)

But other than that I didnt leave the apartment.

Lester didnt come to church, so we are just going to drop him. It seems to me like he is just playing games and it is darn frustrating.

We did have two new investigators come to church and we have a scheduled to teach them this week so i am way excited about that, Elder DaBell tells me that they are way elect:)

So basically I just stayed at home all week and studied, cleaned, slept, thought myself into oblivion, and thats about it haha. Sorry there isnt much else for me to say.

But because I did have plenty of time to think, I have some questions to ask haha.

1) when does the Recording Workshop School in Chillicothe begin and how much does it cost.

2) How long would it take me at sinclair to get a certificate to be an EMT? and how much does that cost and also is the pay of that job even worth it? Can I get a lot of hours working there?

3) Is there institute available where we live?

4) Does BYU Idaho still not offer any Music Production classes or anything like that?

5) When can I take the ACT review class and the Test.

Ha okay thanks. I am getting closer to answering those question you sent for application at BYU:)

I love you so much! Have a good week!
Elder Dahle

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