Monday, June 13, 2016

Week #85 - Short but Sweet!

Hello Mom,

Well this week was just wonderful!

Yes! I got out to work everyday this week:) and we worked our tails off. One of the things we really focused on was inviting investigators to attend church this Sunday, and the Lord blessed us with success in that endeavor.


Even Lester came!!! Which was a huge surprise. After the service he text and said that he wanted me to baptize him on the 9th of July and he was ready to do all he needed to become ready for that. The other investigators that came were really excited and had a really good experience at church:) looks like many of them are really serious about baptism.

I am just praying that the Lord will let me stay here! Transfer week starts next monday, so I guess we will see. I just really want to stay somewhere longer than 2 transfers ha, however seeing that I only have 3 transfers after this week; I am running out of time for that to happen. Regardless I am ready to submit my will to His.

Anyway, I have a bad headache right now and this screen isnt making it much better so I am going to go take some ibuprofen too and take a 30 minute P-Day nap haha. I love you!!!

Elder Dahle

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