Monday, June 20, 2016

Week #86 - The week of the Trunky Letter!

Mom and Dad,

Well, I still dont know if I am transferring and the suspense is absolutely killing me. I am honestly going to be really upset if I do get transferred. But of course it is not up to me. We will know by next P-Day and I will let you know.
In other news.....


Not sure if you know what that means, but it is basically a fill in the blank form about all my travel information haha. NO, I am not trunky; just a little excited haha:)

Elder Tanner and I are the only Americans left in our batch, so its just going to be the two of us on the plane. There is also a chance that he and I could be companions if I transfer. I would be really okay with that cuz we would just finish off the mission together haha, and also because he is a ZL in Mangaldan right now, so I would get to go back there :)

Anyway, this week was soooooo exhausting! Ha we just went crazy trying to cram as many teaching appointments into our schedule. However we also had a lot of ZL responsibilities to take care of, so that ate up a lot of our time. On thursday, we helped the Dagupan 5 sisters move apartments. The office elders couldnt help so we just hired the biggest jeepney we could find and stuffed it full. We still had to take about 5 trips, but it was fun riding on the back like the jeep conductors do. Its actually so funny the way their job works. They stand on the back of the jeep and yell the destination of the jeep as loud and as fast as possible, so it is often hardly recognizable. For example when the jeep is going to Dagupan they just scream " DOOPAN DOOPAN DOOPAN!!" haha

Anyway, Lester came again!! And he is going to be baptized with our other investigator Edgar on July 9. Edgar was a former investigator who got dropped by previous missionaries because he was special case and wasnt ready yet. But now he has read from the introduction page of the Book of Mormon till Alma 57!!!!

Anyway, I am just loving missionary work right now and I am having so much fun. It is NEVER easy, but when we rely on the Lord he makes our sacrifice enough. I have recently been studying the Atonement in more depth and really was taught by the spirit while doing so. I wish I could spend another hour here just telling you about all that I learned, but I will just have to save it:) I love you all so very much:)

Elder Dahle

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