Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #79 On the mend & our AMAZING ward!


Well, I am definitely feeling better. The only thing I have left to take care of is a really bad cough and some stomach pain, but it doesn't stop us from getting out to work.

That being said it seems like the adversary is working extra hard to make us not functional because my companion also got a pretty severe cut on the top of his hand haha. He just got out of a tryke and the poor guy just turned around and his hand hit another tryke that had a bunch of galvanized steel on the top, and the edge was really sharp, so we had to rush home and I had to use all that first aid stuff haha. His hand is all bandaged up right now, but he is doing okay.

Yet we managed to teach more than we did last week haha! The Lord has blessed us abundantly with success and support from the ward. This past thursday the Bishop just called and asked where we were an told us he was going to come pick us up in his car and work with us for the rest of the evening!! And we had so much fun working together that he told us he was going to work EVERY THURSDAY!! Never had a bishop like that before.

But that is just how it is here. This ward is like the best in the mission. Everyone knows their callings and just does them. When the Ward Mission Leader is on his way home from work he frequently will call us up and offer his evening and other help. Thats just amazing to me. I think about when I was working at batteries plus, if I was on my way home from work I confess that I was honestly rarely thinking

"boy, I wonder where the missionaries are right now and how I can help them"

But the Ward Mission Leader here and really all the members are just so converted and consecrated that they are always willing to sacrifice time and exert energy to pull their member missionary weight.


John Bytheway was assigned in this ward!! haha we have met some of his converts and many of the members were close with him. Just kinda cool haha.

Lester didn't make it to church in our ward. He went to the other ward with his friend, which is good but wont help him progress towards baptism:( we have to reset him probably. He is having a hard time adjusting to his new ward, please pray for him to overcome it, and be able to make new friends.

Anyway, I am not sure if I told you or not but President has assigned me to experiment with relentless week and try to find a way to make it a constant thing. So this transfer Dagupan Zone has just done Relentless Week EVERY WEEK! And I tell you what it had been exhausting haha. But it has really made us push and helped us to stretch and work to get those Progressing Investigators to make the baptismal covenant.

Anyway heres some fun news!!! MOTHERS DAY CALL IS COMING UP! I will be allowed to skype call you on May 9th in the morning (my time). So hopefully you can get that all ready and get everyone there who wants to be there:)

Anyway, I love you and I hope you are happy and doing well. Dont worry so much please? There are honestly some trials and some challenges that we face here that I just cant tell you about because the White Handbook really cautions about speaking negatively about where we serve in our emails home.

To sum it up I will say that I love these people to death, but there are some cultural things that really hold them back from their full potential and its enough to make a missionary want to rip his hair out haha. Much of it and the best parts of my adventure just cant be put in email and they will have to wait till I get home. I write in my journal every night, so its all recorded.

Just know that I am happy and alive and FOCUSED. Sometimes I think you see my emails and think that is a microcosm of my brain for the whole week. No. Its not. Today is P-Day. Today is the day where I am allowed to think about other stuff. It is healthy. Its is why we have been given this time. So when I get excited about music or other stuff dont worry so much. My companion and I keep each other in check. We dont talk about anything like that except on mondays before 6pm when we go out to work. Does that make sense? Please try to understand. I am not trunky. Far from it.

Anyway, enough of that:) Love ya

Elder Dahle

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