Monday, April 4, 2016

Week #76 - A Transfer, a new Companion & new job as a Zone Leader


I TRANSFERRED!!!!! haha I guess I am not allowed to stay anywhere longer than three months haha. On to my 7th Area and my 11th companion. (makes me sound like a disobedient missionary but really I promise I am not)

No more that 24 hours after my last email that I told you that I probably wasn't transferring, we were out working and I got a call from President Deyro to tell me that God has called me to be a Zone Leader, AND that both ZL's in Dagupan were being pulled out so my new comp and I would be opening and white washed area again FOR THE 5TH TIME IN MY MISSION.

I might as well get used to not having a clue what I am doing haha. Because every time I think I have it figured out a new thing happens that I have never done before. I guess thats how learning and growing is.

Anyway, it is so strange, I had just emailed you a couple weeks ago about music and both of us had questions about who else would be in the band and how I could do music with people who have the same moral standards as me. Over then next couple days I thought about it a bit and was thinking "ya know my mom is right, I really gotta find someone to help me keep my ground"

And lo and behold, my new companion is Elder DaBell from Nashville Tennessee, and he can play the bass guitar!! haha like really!? Imagine that haha. He goes home in two transfers so I am going to send him off and be his last companion.

Being so close to going home he has really been thinking about what he wants to do. He was a soccer player before his mission and easily could have played professional. But many of the games are on Sundays, so that isnt really going to work. So he wasnt really sure about where he was going with life because he wants to really love his profession.

Long story short here is the plan. He and I are going to room together at BYU Idaho and save up money for the band while we study, and then summer of 2018 we come back to Ohio and try to get it going before we go back to school in September. then in 2019 we transfer to Provo. Cool huh?

Ha anyway. We have had such a wonderful week. Dagupan Ward 2 is night and day from my last assignment in Ward 6. Everything is SO ORGANIZED and the ward functions so well. We have about a bajillion investigators right now and a lot that are nearing baptism, the closest are Antonio, Lawrence, and Joseph and all came to church so that is a good start. For the first couple days, open area was hard because we didnt know where anything was at, so we just prayed and then went outside and asked people lots of questions to try to figure out where we needed to go.

We wore our suits to church (because I desperately miss wearing a suit) and got a really wonderful welcome from the ward. This is the best area in the mission and I dont want to leave, I just want to finish here, and that is a high possibility haha.

Anyway I will send pictures. :)

I love you all so much. I want to bear my testimony that Christ lives today. Holy week here was almost really sad because all I saw everywhere were crosses and symbols of Christs death. I dont really understand that because HE LIVES. He loves us and is so deeply involved in our lives that if we just act on the desire to know him he will manifest himself to us through his Spirit. I feel this spirit every day and I feel it testify to truth as I speak it to my investigators, this is indeed The Church of Jesus Christ.

Stay Happy
Elder Dahle

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