Monday, September 28, 2015

Week #48 - 11 MONTH MARK!


Hey Mom,

PRIORITY NOTICE: Guitar strings (d'adarrio phosphorous bronze lights) and picks (dunlop yellows) and lastly deodorant (old spice)

Haha okay

This week was full of ups and downs as usual.

To start with an "up" I sang in front of like 400+ people and we contacted 223 of them. We have new investigators out the wazoo. Many of them were not from Sta. Maria so we have a lot of referrals to give to other companionship's here in Rosales. I played some EFY, Hymns, and two Tagalog songs. Preforming for the Lords purpose is really special because he "consecrates thy performance" (2 nephi 32:9). It was satisfying and powerful to all present and I felt the spirit manifest itself to the listeners the same way it does when we testify truth in a lesson. As I sang I watched my companion and all the other missionaries there talk to people and hand out pamphlets. I saw people filming and I saw people reading the pamphlets and talking about what they read all around me. We even had 3 non members ask if they could help and we gave them pamphlets and they passed them out to their friends and teachers. President Deyro is a genius and knew well that this would work. We even have been informed by members that there is a big presence on social media, including a post on facebook that got 100's of likes. (I will get the name of the member so you can watch the video haha).

Anyway, our investigators are doing really well and we had 7 come to church as opposed to the 3 that came last week. I feel like I did when we were having so much success in Mangaldan. Floro and Florante and Michael and Roxanne and Mighty (yep thats her real name) and Jarom all want to be baptized and are actively reading and coming to church. They have member friends and the fellowshipping is going well.

Elder Sta. Maria and I came to this area which was really struggling. It still has challenges and we have stuff to work out to make it more effective in the work of salvation. But we have high hopes that we will be able to work those out.

I have to go now, because I am out of time, but I want you to know that I love you and am really happy.

Everyday do something to strengthen your testimony

Elder Dahle

Here is an awesome Link of a video of Alex singing at a Ste. Maria Ward Event. Yeah - made his mama cry!!!

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