Monday, September 21, 2015

Week #47 - Sore Fingers & a Happy Heart

Mom and Dad and Joey and Colby and Steve and Ethan and Paige and Josh and Sam and Randy Delo Santos and Jake Skinner and Grandma and Grandpa Dahle and last but not least Grandad,

Wow what a list haha, I had to just email you all at once because I am unbelievably busy and dont have the time to write personal for everyone this week.
Ha this week has trumped the entire previous 11 months of my mission in eventfulness. This turned out to be far more than just a small performance at the municipality. The mission has spent over 26,000 pesos (yep thas about 650$) on this project. I did not anticipate exactly what president Deyro had in mind.

Apparently this may become my capacity as a missionary for a while.

This week was one of the most painful weeks of my mission. No dont freak out. It is only because I have spent the past 7 days getting the callouses back on my fingers that I lost over the past 11 months. It hurts SO BAD on day one haha.

I am still teaching and working to get my investigators into the waters of baptism. But finding them is now a whole new ball game. The mission bought a guitar and an amp and two mics and mics stands and a small 4 channel mixer for me and the other missionary singing with me. President is trying to get the attention of news sources, radio and TV to try to make this a big deal ( "this" being- the white kid on the corner of the street singing in tagalog is pretty much what he said)

We had a small little test run to see if it is effective and we got 50 OYMs in 1 hour. The goal is 20 in a whole day. So clearly it is bringing in a crowd. We play EFY, some childrens hymns in tagalog, and some other approved songs that I have been given by the AP's and I have been encouraged to write some. Tomorrow we have a really big opportunity to play outside the school when school gets out and we expect hundreds of people there.

In other news we have 3 new really solid investigators (Floro, Florante, and Michael) and they are on date for baptism. All three of these people (all three found through the music) are the most elect people I have met on my mission. Its almost as if the music sorts the wheat from the tares for us. Those with the light of Christ come and listen. The others dont.

Anyway I am way happy right now. A little stressed because it adds a new dimension to missionary work and the schedule I didnt have to worry about before (practicing, taking care of my voice, scheduling shows and other appointments) But I know it is going to work out well and am getting adjusted to it well enough.

I love you all so much, please continue to be all your heavenly father expects of you. You are all entitled to his help.

Elder Dahle

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